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The Hartlib papers are divided into three collections.

You can choose between these collections by clicking on the appropriate titles near the top of the page. The first two collections are subdivided further, and the divisions are selected using the grey list towards the left of the page. The individual documents are displayed on the right of the page. Before each title is its reference code; after is dating information. To view a document, click on its title.

68/1 Copy Petition, James Ogiliby To Oliver Cromwe.. Undated
68/2 A Christian Vow, John Dury Undated
68/3/1 Copy Extract, ? To Hartlib?, In German 26 January 1656
68/3/2 Copy Extract On Piles, Schlezer To Hartlib?, .. 15 December 165..
68/3/3 Extract On Cattle, ? To ?, In German 14 January 1659
68/3/4 Petrus Pontanus' Recipe For Balsamum Samarita.. Undated
68/3/6 Copy Memo On Adamus Bruxius' Little Pills, In.. Undated
68/3/8 Note On Husbandry, Anon, In German Undated
68/3/9 Letter, ? To Hartlib, In German 30 May 1655
68/3/11 Memo On Medicinal Wood, Anon., In German Undated
68/3/12 Copy Recipes From Joachim Lange, In German Undated
68/3/13 Recipe Against The Stone, Anon, In German Undated
68/3/14 Note In Hartlib's Hand On Garlic, From John C.. Undated
68/3/15 Recipes In German, French & Latin Undated
68/3/17 Memo On The Large Globe, In German Undated
68/3/18 Recipes In Hartlib's Hand Undated
68/3/21 Recipes In Latin & German Part Dated 25 M..
68/3/23 Various Recipes Undated
68/3/28 Fragment On Heath, Thomas Bate Undated
68/3/29 Recipes In Latin And German, Anon Undated
68/3/31 Recipe For The Stone, John Roth Undated
68/3/33 Chemical Extract In Latin Undated
68/4 Copy In Scribal Hands E & B, Advice About.. 28 May 1647
68/5 Copy Letter On Images In Scribal Hand ?, John.. 24 February 163..
68/6 Copy Treatise In Scribal Hand ? On Lutherans .. Undated
68/7 Letter, John Dury To Dorothy More 29 July 1641
68/8/1 Tract On Admitting Jews To A Christian Common.. Undated
68/8/3 Copy Memo In Scribal Hand A? On Conversion Of.. Undated
68/9 Copy Tract On Church Government In Scribal Ha.. 27 December 164..
68/10 Copy In Scribal Hand ?, The Lords' Censures O.. February 1633/1..