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The Hartlib papers are divided into three collections.

You can choose between these collections by clicking on the appropriate titles near the top of the page. The first two collections are subdivided further, and the divisions are selected using the grey list towards the left of the page. The individual documents are displayed on the right of the page. Before each title is its reference code; after is dating information. To view a document, click on its title.

66/1 Memo In Scribal Hand ?, The Purposes Of Forra.. Undated
66/2 Copy In Scribal Hand ?, Purchas On Hunting Wh.. Undated
66/3 Letter, Arthur Annesley To Hartlib 1 April 1647
66/4 Copy Petition To Parliament In Scribal Hand ?.. Undated
66/5 Proposals For Land Improvement In Scribal Han.. Undated
66/6 3 Offers Of Public & Private Profit In Sc.. Undated
66/7 Notes On Removal Of Stains, Hartlib Undated
66/8/1 Extract & Recipes In Scribal Hands ? &.. 11 September 16..
66/8/2 Recipes, Medicinal, Cosmetic Etc. In 2 Hands,.. Undated
66/9 Copy Notice On Mining Etc. In Scribal Hand A,.. Undated
66/10 Extract On Smokeless Fuel In Scribal Hand ?, .. 19 August 1655
66/11 Copy In Scribal Hand B, Cressy Dymock On Offi.. Undated
66/12 Copy Extracts On Bread-baking In Scribal Hand.. 13 November &am..
66/13 Copy Objections & Reply On Danish Project.. Undated
66/14 Memo On Brewing & Preserving Ales, Anon Undated
66/15 Copy Extract In Scribal Hand ?, Worsley To Ha.. 16 May 1654
66/16 Proposals Concerning County Registers In Scri.. Undated
66/17 Printed Booklet On Fasting To Fund Scholars, .. 11 September 16..
66/18 Copy Petition In Scribal Hand A, Kuffler To R.. Part Dated 14 J..
66/19 Memo On Establishment Of Compting Houses, In .. Undated
66/20 The Form Of A Religious Vow, In Hand ?, In La.. Undated
66/21 Copy Petition In Scribal Hand ?, Caspar Visco.. Undated
66/22 Copy Petition In Scribal Hand ?, Ralph Austen.. Undated
66/23 Copy Letter In Scribal Hand A, W.p. To Dymock 26 July 1658
66/24 Memo On Destruction Of Corn By Pigeons In Scr.. Undated
66/25 Copy In Scribal Hand B, An Act To Levy Money .. Undated
66/26 Copy In Scribal Hand ?, Arguments For Safety .. 1641
66/27 Letter, John Moore To Hartlib Undated
66/28 Copy? Memo On Confiscation Of Lord Craven's E.. After 1651
66/29 Copy Letter In Scribal Hand H, Beale? To Lady.. 6 September 166..
66/30 Anon. Note On Increasing Money & Copy Let.. 10 July 1649
66/31 Account Of Money Owed To Capt. Robert Tokeley.. 33 October 1640..
66/32 Bundle Label In Hand ? Undated