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The Hartlib papers are divided into three collections.

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64/1 Copy Memo On Husbandry In Scribal Hand A, Joh.. 2 March 1657
64/2 Memo On Wheeler's Inventions, William Petty's.. Undated
64/3 Copy? Memo On The Uses Of A Wind Engine, Henr.. Undated
64/4 Copy Extracts In Hartlib's Hand, Dr. Horne To.. 15 September 16..
64/5 Copy Memo On Wood In Scribal Hand G Undated
64/6 Two Copy Notes On Wheat Yield & Copy Extr.. 31 July 1655
64/7 Copy Letters In Scribal Hand B, Cressy Dymock.. 20 October 1648..
64/8 Propositions For Preserving Sheep & Cattl.. Undated
64/9/1 On Rats Mice & Weevils, Anon Undated
64/9/3 Memo On Catching Mice, Cressy Dymock Undated
64/10 Memo On A Secret For Restoring Fruit Trees, M.. Undated
64/11/1 Letter, Samuel Cox To Hartlib 30 March 1653
64/11/3 Copy Letter In Hartlib's Hand, Samuel Cox To .. 30 March 1653
64/12 Copy In Hartlib's Hand, Speed's Experiment Wi.. Undated
64/13 Copy In Hartlib's Hand, Brereton's Brewer's A.. Undated
64/14 Copy Letter In Scribal Hand ?, Dymock To ?, R.. 11 June 1649
64/15 Copy Proposition In Scribal Hand B About Smut.. Undated
64/16 Copy Letter In Scribal Hand G, Cressy Dymock .. 5 April 1653
64/17 Copy Letters In Scribal Hand G, Dymock To Har.. 22 March 1653 -..
64/18 Memorandum On The Advantages Of Enclosure, Dy.. 20 July 1649
64/19 Two Copies Of Terms For Agreement With Sir Fr.. Undated
64/20/1 Copy? Memo On Better Defence By Augumenting T.. Undated
64/20/5 Copy Petition In Scribal Hand ?, Hugh L'amy T.. Undated
64/21 Letter, John Beale To Hartlib, With Address T.. 15 September 16..
64/22 Copy In Scribal Hand ?, Secret To Increase Cr.. 1656?