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The Hartlib papers are divided into three collections.

You can choose between these collections by clicking on the appropriate titles near the top of the page. The first two collections are subdivided further, and the divisions are selected using the grey list towards the left of the page. The individual documents are displayed on the right of the page. Before each title is its reference code; after is dating information. To view a document, click on its title.

57/1 Printed Booklet, Charitable Constructions Of .. 1647
57/2 Printed Sheet On The Establishment Of An Acad.. Undated
57/3/1 Extract From 'perfect Proceedings' On The Off.. Undated
57/3/2 Printed Sheet On The Office Of Public Advice,.. 14 May 1657
57/3/3 Printed Sheet, Office Of Intelligence About L.. 1657
57/3/4 Copy Of Speed's Propositions In Scribal Hand .. Undated
57/3/8 Printed Pamphlet, 'general Accommodations', A.. Undated
57/3/9 Printed Sheet On 'the Place Of Encounters' Undated
57/3/10 Printed Sheet, Office Of Entries Or Public Re.. Undated
57/4/1 Bundle Wrapper Undated
57/4/2 Title Page "the Increase Of Trade" 1641
57/4/3 Printed Pamphlet Relating To The Relief Of Th.. 1644
57/4/4 List Of Members Of The Committee For The Poor 7 October 1645
57/4/5 Printed Notice On From Committee For The Poor.. 11 October 1645
57/4/6 Printed Pamphlet, 'the Parliaments Reformatio.. 1646
57/4/7 Printed Pamphlet, Stanleyes Remedy 1646
57/4/8 Printed Ordinance For Relief & Employment.. 17 December 164..
57/4/9 Printed Petition To Parliament On Behalf Of T.. February 1648
57/4/10 Printed Sheet Relating To The Relief Of The P.. 1649
57/4/11 Printed Pamphlet, 'the Poor Mans Friend', Ric.. 16 March 1649
57/4/12 Printed Tract, Act For Relief & Employmen.. 1649
57/4/13 Printed Pamphlet, 'londons Charity Inlarged'... 1650
57/4/14 Printed Pamphlet On The Relief Of The Poor 1656
57/4/15 Printed Booklet, "some Pitty On The Poor", Th.. Undated
57/5/1 Title Page, The Doubting Conscience Resolved,.. 1652
57/5/2 Title Page, Boate's Natural History Of Irelan.. 1652
57/5/3 Title Page, 2nd Edition Of Hartlib's Legacy, .. 1652
57/5/4 Title Page, A Discovery For Setting Out Land,.. 1653
57/5/5 Title Page In Hartlib's Hand, A Treatise Of F.. 1653
57/5/6 Title Page, In Hartlib's Hand, Dury On Gospel.. 1654