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The Hartlib papers are divided into three collections.

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55/1 'appellata Veritas', A Treatise On Language, .. 1634
55/2 Copy Extracts, Hand G & Hartlib, Dymock O.. 22 March 1653
55/3 Copy Notes On Bees From Culpeper/stirk, In Ha.. 14 February 165..
55/4/1 Copy Stone Recipe From Richard Ligon's Histor.. 1657
55/4/2 Mr Grundmans Stone Medecine 13 December 166..
55/4/3 Extracts From Tonge & ? On Vaghans Stone .. Undated
55/4/7 Medicinal Extracts In Scribal Hands D & ?.. Undated, 3 Febr..
55/4/9 Recipe For Exulceration Of The Bladder, Anon Undated
55/4/10 Mr Harmar's Recipe For The Stone Undated
55/4/11 Stone Recipe From Culpeper, In Hartlib's Hand Undated
55/4/12 Dr. Chamberlain's Stone Recipe, In Hartlib's .. C.27 April, 165..
55/4/13 Copy In Scribal Hands ? & K, Robert Kueff.. Undated
55/4/15 Mr Wood's Recipe For The Stone Undated
55/4/16 Recipe For The Stone, Anon Undated
55/4/17 Remedies For The Stone, Anon. Undated
55/4/18 Recipe For Kidney Stone, Anon Undated
55/4/20 Mr Worsley's Recipe Against The Stone Undated
55/4/21 Note On Recipes, In Latin Undated
55/4/22 Fragment In Scribal Hand A, Recipes, In Latin Undated
55/4/23 Mr Woods Recipe For The Stone, In Hartlib's H.. Undated
55/4/24 Mr Piercy's Clyster For The Stone, In Hartlib.. Undated
55/4/25 Extract From Tonge On Vaghans Stone Recipe, I.. Undated
55/5 Copy, Sir John Culpepers Speech To The Common.. 9 November 1640
55/6 De Libero Arbitrio, Ex Usher Undated
55/7/1 Extracts On Malting, Raphe Bishop, William Lo.. Part Dated 16 J..
55/7/2 Notes On Kilns, In Scribal Hand F Undated
55/8 Papers On William Martindale's Inventions For.. 3 December 1657..
55/9/1 Draft Memo On Kuffler's Inventions Undated
55/9/3 Extracts On Kuffler's Portable Oven & Inv.. Undated
55/10 Copy Memo, Petition & Letters From Dury O.. Undated
55/11 Luther's Treatise Against The Antinomians Tra.. Undated
55/12 Copy, Charges Against William Petty Presented.. Undated 1659?
55/13 Copy In Scribal Hand H, Utrum Urim Et Thumim .. Undated
55/14/1 Printed Pages Of News Used As Wrapper For Not.. March 1651
55/14/2 Copy Extract In Scribal Hand ? On Fruit, In L.. Undated
55/14/3 Notes About Fruit Trees, In Hartlib's Hand Undated
55/14/13 Extract In Hartlib's Hand, Arthur Bacon To Ri.. 26 August 1652
55/14/15 Extract From Boate On The Growth Of Trees, In.. 27 October 1652
55/14/16 Notes On Husbandry & Housekeeping In Scri.. Part Dated 8 Ap..
55/14/18 Extract From Morian Or Child? On Fertility, I.. 19 December 165..
55/14/19 Extracts From Boate? On Fruit Trees In Hartli.. 8 March 1653 &a..
55/14/20 Notes On Cox's Experiments With Fruit Trees &.. Undated & 3..
55/14/21 Note On Bees & Mead, Hartlib Undated
55/14/22 Notes On Fruit Trees, Hartlib Undated
55/14/26 Notes On Cider And Bees, Hartlib Undated
55/14/27 John Thomas Gardiner's Proposal For Agricultu.. Undated
55/14/28 Notes On Publishing Austen's Book On Husbandr.. Undated
55/14/29 Note On Promotion Of John Thomas & Fruit .. Undated
55/14/30 Note Of Contributors To Printing Austen's Boo.. Undated
55/15 Draft In Scribal Hand A, "on The Victory...ov.. 1657
55/16 Alchemical Extracts In Scribal Hand ? Undated
55/17 Copy Letter & Extract On Removing Tartar .. 20 March 1654
55/18 Copy Treatise On Resurrection, Anon Undated
55/19 Christianæ Societatis Imago, & Christiani.. Undated
55/20 Leges Societatis Christianae, In Scribal Hand.. Undated
55/21/1 Copy Letter & Summary Of "a Garden Of Ple.. Undated
55/21/3 Copy Letter & Summary Of "a Physique Gard.. Undated
55/22 Copy Proposals For Herring Fishing In Scribal.. Undated
55/23 Copy Letter In Scribal Hand K, John Beale To .. 10 January 1659
55/24 Copy In Scribal Hand G, Direction To The Husb.. 1634
55/25 Process For Weighing Constituents Of Compound.. Undated
55/26 Bundle Label In Hand Z Undated