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The Hartlib papers are divided into three collections.

You can choose between these collections by clicking on the appropriate titles near the top of the page. The first two collections are subdivided further, and the divisions are selected using the grey list towards the left of the page. The individual documents are displayed on the right of the page. Before each title is its reference code; after is dating information. To view a document, click on its title.

53/1 Printed Declaration On Scholarships For Stude.. 1647
53/2 Draft Of Proposal For Raising Loans To Govern.. Undated
53/3 Proposals On Law Reform & County Register.. Undated
53/4 Proposition For The Advancement Of Morality, .. Undated
53/5 Petition, John Sibertus Kuffeler To Richard C.. Undated
53/6 Memo On Protestant Exiles & Commonwealth .. C.1653
53/7 Copy Letter In Scribal Hand ?, J? Perkins To .. Undated
53/8 Memo On How To Defeat The House Of Austria In.. Undated
53/9 Memo About The University Business In Scribal.. Undated
53/10 Copy Memo In Hartlib's Hand, On Abolition Of .. Undated
53/11 Copy Petition To Council Of Trade From The Me.. Undated
53/12 Copy Extracts On Dr. Tunstall's Free Medical .. 4 September 165..
53/13 Copy Proposal For Employment Of Poor Immigran.. Undated
53/14/1 Extracts On The Proposals Of Le Pruvost &.. Part Dated 30 N..
53/14/11 Copy Letters On The Proposals Of Le Pruvost A.. 1645
53/14/18 Extract Of Letter, Dury To Hartlib, On Propos.. Undated C.1645
53/14/21 Copy Letters, John Dury To Hartlib & To L.. 5 November &..
53/14/29 Copy Memo On The Propositions Of Le Pruvost A.. Undated C. 1645
53/14/31 Copy Memo On The Propositions Of Le Pruvost A.. Undated C. 1645
53/14/33 Copy? Order Concerning Le Pruvost & L'amy.. Undated C. 1645..
53/14/35 Copy Extract In Scribal Hand B, Le Pruvost &a.. Undated
53/14/37 Notes On The Proposals Of Le Pruvost And L'am.. Undated
53/14/39 Copy Memo On The Propositions Of Le Pruvost &.. Undated C. 1645
53/14/41 Fragment Of Ordinance Concerning L'amy & .. Undated C.1645
53/14/43 Draft? Remonstrance Of Le Pruvost & L'amy.. Undated C.1645
53/14/45 Copy Remonstrance Of Pruvost & L'amy To P.. Undated C.1645
53/14/47 Reasons For Passing The Ordinance Desired By .. Undated C.1645
53/14/49 Draft Reasons For Passing The Ordinance Desir.. Undated C.1645
53/14/50 Copy Memo On The Propositions Of Le Provost &.. Undated C.1645
53/14/52 Copy Memo On The Propositions Of Le Provost &.. Undated C.1645
53/15 Memorandum About Inventions In Scribal Hand J.. Undated
53/16 Disquisitio Politica, Anon Undated
53/17 Memo On Maintaining An Army Cheaply In Peace .. Undated
53/18 Printed Attonement Or Peace Offering, Peter C.. C. 1658.
53/19 Memo To Council Of Trade On Heavy Dyed Silk, .. Undated
53/20 Copy Letter In Scribal Hand D, James Stansfie.. 15 December 165..
53/21 Notes On The Office Of Address, Anon Undated
53/22 Memo On The Setting Up Of Mechanics Institute.. Undated
53/23 Draft Proposal To Provide Annuities For Child.. Undated
53/24 Proposal For Office Of Address For Religion A.. Undated
53/25 Memorandum On The Relief Of The Poor, Anon Undated
53/26/1 Memo On Poor Relief And Salt Petre, Anon Undated
53/26/2 Memo On Poor Relief And Salt Petre, Anon Undated
53/26/3 Memo On Damage To The Kingdom In Making Salt .. Undated
53/26/4 Services Involved In Making Salt Petre, Anon Undated
53/26/6 Services Involved In Making Salt Petre, Anon Undated
53/26/7 A New Way To Make Salt Petre & Maintain T.. Undated
53/27 Plan For A Professor Of Fortifications In Lon.. Undated
53/28 A Design For Using Gifts To The Church In Scr.. Undated
53/29 Proposals For The Happy Settlement Of The Nat.. Undated C. 1660..
53/30 Copy Letter In Scribal Hand A, Thomas Babingt.. 13 December 165..
53/31 Copy Memo On Creating Wealth In Scribal Hand .. Undated
53/32 Copy Memo In Scribal Hand B, Profits Presente.. Undated
53/33 Letter On Keeping Meat At Sea & Garden Pa.. Undated
53/34 Copy Appeal For Funds To Improve Husbandry, H.. 2 February 1649
53/35/1 Copy Extracts On Inventions In Hands E & .. 18 January 1647..
53/35/3 Letter, Henry Jenney To Hartlib 28? September 1..
53/35/5 Extract Ex Merc.polit. On Fromantil's Fire En.. 28 October 1658
53/35/6 Extract From Public Intelligencer On Wire For.. 24 January 1658
53/35/7 Note On Mr Owefield's Sick Bed, Cressy Dymock Undated
53/35/9 Copy Notice & Memo On Thomas Oldfield's B.. Undated
53/35/11 Memo On William Nautic├Žus' Book On Longitude,.. Undated
53/36 Remonstrance On William Petty's Design For Ad.. Undated
53/37 Copy Extracts On Hebrew Learning & The Of.. Undated
53/38 Copy Letter In Scribal Hand D, Adam Borrell T.. 15 November 165..
53/39 Copy Memo On Increase Of Trade, In Hand B, L'.. Undated
53/40 Note On Richard Wolsely's Method Of Cleaning .. Undated
53/41/1 Copy Testimonial For J.s. Kuffeler, John Mori.. 14 July 1656
53/41/3 Copy Testimonial On Kuffeler, Anon 26 May 1659
53/41/4 Copy Petition, J. S. Kuffeler To Cromwell, Wi.. Undated
53/41/6 Copy Testimonial For J.s.kuffeler, John Moria.. Undated
53/41/7 Draft?, Testimonial For J.s.kuffeler, Anon Undated
53/41/8 Fragment Of Letter, Anon., In German Undated
53/42 Proposal To Form Council To Vet Ideas & I.. Undated
53/43 Bundle Wrappers Undated