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The Hartlib papers are divided into three collections.

You can choose between these collections by clicking on the appropriate titles near the top of the page. The first two collections are subdivided further, and the divisions are selected using the grey list towards the left of the page. The individual documents are displayed on the right of the page. Before each title is its reference code; after is dating information. To view a document, click on its title.

47/1/1 Copy Letter On Advancement Of Learning In Scr.. 9 January 1657
47/1/3 Draft Agreement Concerning The Advancement Of.. Undated
47/1/5 Draft Agreement Concerning The Advancement Of.. Undated
47/1/7 Copy Memoriall For Advancement Of Universall .. Undated
47/1/8 Agreement Concerning The Advancement Of Learn.. Undated
47/1/9 Draft Memoriall For The Advancement Of Univer.. Undated
47/1/11 Draft Petition To Cromwell Concerning The Adv.. Undated
47/2 Copy Proposals On The Advancement Of Learning.. Undated 1653?
47/3 Extracts Of Letters Concerning Learning In Sc.. 27 January 1658..
47/4 Copy Petition To Cromwell On Advancement Of L.. 25 December 165..
47/5 Copy Letter & Draft Petition On Education.. Undated
47/6 Copy Letter In Scribal Hand D, Miles Symner T.. Undated
47/7 Copy In Scribal Hand ? & Hartlib's Hand, .. Undated
47/8/1 Extract On Advancement Of Learning, Anon Undated
47/8/5 Copy Memorandum On New Academy & Curricul.. Undated
47/8/7 Copy? Petition Of Col. John Hunfrey In Scriba.. Undated
47/8/9 Draft Memorandum On New Academy & Curricu.. Undated
47/8/10 Remonstration On Typography, Anon Undated
47/9/1 Notes On Advancement Of Learning & Schola.. Undated
47/9/7 Notes On Oxford, Hartlib Undated
47/9/14 Notes On Chelsea College, Hartlib Undated
47/9/16 Notes On London University, Hartlib Undated
47/9/18 Note On City College, Hartlib Undated
47/9/19 Notes On University Of London, Hartlib Undated
47/9/20 Catalogue Of All The City Universities, Hartl.. Undated
47/9/22 Note On University Of London, Hartlib Undated
47/9/23 Note On College For Plantations, Hartlib Undated
47/9/25 Note On German/irish College, Hartlib Undated
47/9/26 Note On College Of Mechanics, Hartlib Undated
47/9/27 Notes - Verulamian Colleges, Hartlib Undated
47/9/31 Note On College Of Greek Churches And Rulitiu.. Extract: 26 Oct..
47/9/32 Note On London Academy, Hartlib Undated
47/9/33 Notes On Foundations At Winchester, Hartlib Undated
47/9/34 Notes On Colleges Etc, Hartlib Part Dated Febr..
47/9/36 Morian Extract Concerning Music In Hartlib's .. 1646?
47/9/37 List Of Names & Aims, Hartlib Undated
47/9/38 Note On London University, Hartlib Undated
47/10/1 Part Of Printed Pamphlet, With Ms Notes In En.. Undated But Aft..
47/10/2 A Further Discovery Of The Office Of Address .. Undated
47/11 Copies In Scribal Hand ?, Fines Principales M.. Undated
47/12 Christian Rave's Proposition For College For .. Undated
47/13/1 Catalogue Of British Libraries In Hartlib's H.. Undated
47/13/3 Notes On Council For Schools, Hartlib Undated
47/13/5 Printed Advertisement, David Brown's Method O.. Undated
47/13/6 Notes On Catalogues Of Libraries And Collecti.. Undated
47/14 Copy Extracts On Librarians In Scribal Hand ?.. Undated
47/15 Draft Agreement & Memo On The Advancement.. Undated
47/16 Proposal For Advance In Literary Education Undated
47/17 Reasons For Using Few Men In The Agency For T.. Undated
47/18 Copy? Memorandum On University Lecturing And .. Undated
47/19 Draft? Petition From Oxford Univ. On Advancem.. Undated
47/20/1 Printed Paper On The Founding Of A University.. 1647
47/20/2 Notes On London University Public Library, Ha.. Undated