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The Hartlib papers are divided into three collections.

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38/1 Booklet On Oratory, Anon. Undated
38/2 Copy Letter, ? To ?, In Latin Undated
38/3/1 "curriculi Oratorii Prodromus...", Part 1 Undated
38/3/10 "curriculi Oratorii Prodromus...", Part 2 Undated
38/3/14 "curriculi Oratorii Prodromvs...", Part 3 Undated
38/3/19 "curriculi Oratorii Prodromvs...", Part 4 Undated
38/3/25 "curriculi Oratorii Prodromvs...", Part 5 Undated
38/3/30 "curriculi Oratorii Prodromus...", Part 6 Undated
38/3/38 "curriculi Oratorii Prodromus...", Part 7 Undated
38/3/44 "curriculi Oratoris Prodromus...", Part 8 Undated
38/3/49 "curriculi Oratorii Prodromus...", Part 9 Undated
38/3/54 "cvrriculi Oratorii Prodromus...", Part 10 Undated
38/3/59 "curriculi Oratorii Prodromus...", Part 11 Undated
38/3/64 "curriculi Oratorii Prodromus...", Part 12 Undated
38/3/71 "curriculi Oratorii Prodromus...", Part 13 Undated
38/3/76 "cvrriculi Oratorii Prodromus...", Part 14 Undated
38/3/81 "curriculi Oratorii Prodromus...", Part 15 Undated
38/3/85 "curriculi Oratorii Prodromus...", Part 16 Undated
38/4/1 Booklet "liber Exercitiorum Logicorum", Part .. Undated
38/4/10 "liber Exercitiorum Logicorum", Part 2, In La.. Undated
38/4/18 "liber Exercitiorum Logicorum", Part 3, In La.. Undated
38/5/1 "dispositiones Oratoriae", Part 1, In Latin Undated
38/5/12 "dispositiones Oratoriae", Part 2, In Latin Undated
38/5/23 "dispositiones Oratoriae", Part 3, In Latin Undated
38/6 "de Morte", In Latin Undated
38/7/1 "compendium Oratorium Totam Dicendi Artem... .. Undated
38/7/8 "compendium Oratorium Totam Dicendi Artem... .. Undated
38/7/14 "compendium Oratorium Totam Dicendi Artem... .. Undated
38/7/21 "compendium Oratorium Totam Dicendi Artem... .. Undated
38/8/1 Instructio Quomodo Procedendum Si Cui Pro The.. Undated
38/8/12 Instructio Qvomodo Procedendum Si Cui Pro The.. Undated
38/9 Printed Pamphlet, "johannes Mochinger,... Elo.. 1634
38/10 Odes And Eulogies Of Continental Statesmen, I.. 1629 Or Later
38/11 Fragment Of Printed Sheet, In Latin Undated