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997 [973]

K. Henry. 8.
MarginaliaMartyrs of Couentrye.Persecuters.Martyrs.The Causes.
MarginaliaMaistres Smith, Rob. Hatchets. Archer, Haukins, Tho. Bond. Wrigsham, Landsdale, Martyrs.THE princi-
pall cause of
the apprehē-
Maistression of those
Smyth wi-persons, was
dow.for teaching their children
Symonand familie, the Lordes
MourtonRob. Hat-prayer, and tenne Com-
the bishopschets a sho-maundementes in Eng-
Somner.maker.lish: for which they were
vpon Ashwednesday ta-
Archer aken and put in prison,
shomaker.some in places vnder the
grounde, some in cham-
The bishopHawkins abers and other places a-
of Couen-shomaker.bout, till Friday follo-
try.wing. Then they were
Tho Bondsent to a Monasterye cal-
a shomaker.led to Mackestocke Abbey,
sixe miles from Couen-
Frier Staf-Wrigshamtry. During which time,
ford War-a Glouer.their children were sente
den.for to the Gray friers in
LandsdaleCouentry, before þe War-
an Hosier.den of the sayd friers, cal-
led Frier Stafford: Who
straitly examining them
of their beliefe, and what
heresie their fathers had
At Couen-taught them, charged thē
try.vppon payne of suffering
suche deathe as their fa-
An. 1519.thers should, in no wyse
to meddle any more with
the Lords prayer,MarginaliaThe Lordes prayer in Englishe, forbyddē of the Papists. the
Creede, and Commaun-
dements in English.

Which done, vpon Palmesonday, the fathers of these children were broughte backe agayne to Couentry, and there, the weeke next before Easter, were condemned for relapse (because most of them had borne fagots in the same Citie before) to be burned.

The eyght Booke, continuing the hystorie of English matters appertayning to both states, as well Ecclesiasticall, as Ciuill and Temporall.
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This was not the only occasion when one of the small woodcuts introduced in 1570 celebrated the martyrdom of seven individuals. But this event took place in 1519, long before the Marian burnings, and the illustration (like other later ones) may seem more generic than accurate in that it shows two women among the seven whereas, as the text makes clear, there was only one woman, Mistress Smith.

Marginalia7. godly Martyrs in Couentry, burned.Persecutors.Martyrs.The causes.

Onely Maistres Smith was dismissed for that present, and sent away. And because it was in the euenyng beyng somewhat darke, as she should go home, the foresayd Symon Mourton the Somner offered him selfe to goe home with her. Now as he was leadyng her by the arme, and heard the rattelyng of a scrole within her sleeue: yea (sayth he.) What haue ye here? And so tooke it from her, & espyed that it was the Lordes prayer,MarginaliaMaistres Smith cōdēned for hauing the Lords prayer in Englishe. the Articles of the fayth, & the x. Commaundementes in Englishe. Which when the wretched Somner vnderstood, ah serrha (sayd he) come, as good now as an other tyme, & so brought her backe agayne to the Byshop, where she was immediately condemned, and so burned with the vj. men before named, the fourth of Aprill in a place thereby called the litle parke. An. 1519.

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MarginaliaAnno. 1521.MarginaliaRobert Silkeb Martyr.IN þe same nūber of these
Couētry men aboue re-
hearsed, was also Robert
RobertSilkeb, who at the appre-
Silkeb.hension of these, as is a-
boue recited, fled away,
and for that tyme escaped:
But about two yeares af-
ter, he was taken agayne,
& brought to the sayd Ci-
tie of Couentry, where he
was also burned the mo-
At Couen-rowe after hee came the-
try.ther, whiche was about
the xiij. day of Ianuary.
An. 1521.An. 1521.
Thus, when these were
dispatched, immediatly the
Sheriffes went to theyr
houses, and tooke all their
goodes and cattell to theyr
owne vse, not leauyng
their wiues and children
any parcell therof to helpe
themselues with all. And
for somuch as the people
began to grudge some-

what, at the crueltie shewed, and at the vniust death of these innocent Martyrs, the Byshop, with his Officers and Priestes, caused it to bee noysed abroad by their Tenauntes, seruantes, and fermers, þt they were not burned for hauyng the Lordes prayer and commaundementes in English, but because they did eate fleshe on Fridayes and other fastyng dayes: Which neither could he proued, either before their death, or after, nor yet was any such matter greatly obiected to them in their examinations. MarginaliaTestimony of this storye.The witnesses of this history bee yet aliue, whiche both saw them and knew them. Of whom one is by name mother Hallexref>, dwelling now in Bagington two myles from Couentry. By whom also this is testified of them, MarginaliaNote how these Martirs holding with the popish sacramentes yet were burned of the papists, only for a few Scriptures in English.that they aboue all other in Couentry pretended most shew of worshyp and deuotion, at the holdyng vp of the Sacrament, whether to colour the matter, or no, it is not knowen. This is certain that in godlinesse of life they differed from al the rest of the Citie: Neither in their occupying they would vse any oth: nor could abyde it in them that occupyed with them.

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MarginaliaAnno. 1527.MarginaliaThe story of M. Patricke Hamelton, in Scotland.PAtricke Hamelton a
Iames Be-Scottish man borne, of
tō hygh and noble stocke,
of S. An-and of the kynges bloud,
drewyoung and of flourishyng
age, and excellēt toward-
nesse, of xxiij. yeares called
M. HewAbbot of Ferme first com-
Spēs, deanmyng out of his countrey
of diuinitywith 3. companiōs, to seek
in the vni-godly learnyng, went to
uersitie ofPatrickethe Vniuersitie of Mar-
S. AndrewHalmentō.purge in Germany, which
universitie was thē new-

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