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628 [572]

Actes and Monuments of the Churche.

Fetched outlawes out of hell.

Now is he come with speare and shield

In harnes to burne in Smithfield

For in VVales he may not dwell.

And Forest the Frier

That obstinate lier  

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The accusation that Forest was a liar is a reference is to his admission that he swore the oath of Supremacy with mental reservations (During his trial, Forest admitted that he had told a penitent that when he [Forest] denyed papal supremacy, it was with an oath sworn by his outward man, but not the inward man [L&P XIII (1), no. 1043 (1)].).

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That wilfully shalbe dead

In his contumacy

The gospell do deny

The king to be supreame head.

¶ Certain Iniunctions geuen out the xxx. yeare of kinges Henries raigne, the vi. daye of Nouembre, in the yeare of our Lorde, 1539.

Marginalia1.FIrst that none without specyal license of the king shall transport or bring from outwarde parties into England any manner of Englysh bokes, neither yet sell, geue, vtter, or publish any suche vpon paine to forfaite all their goods and cattels, and their bodies to be imprisoned, so long as it shal please the kings maiestye.

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Marginalia2.Item that none shal print, or bringe ouer any English bokes with annotations or Prologes, vnlesse such bokes before be examyned by the kinges preuy councell, or others apoynted by his highnes, and yet not to put there to those wordes Cum priuilegio regali, wythoute addinge ad imprimendum solum, neither yet to Print it withoute the kinges priuiledge be printed there with in the English tonge, that all men may reade it. Neither shall they print any translated boke without the plaine name of the translator be in it, or els the Printer to be made the translator, and to suffer the fyne and punishment therof at the kings pleasure.

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Marginalia3.Item that none of thoccupation of printing shall within the realme printe, vtter, sell, or cause to be published anye English bookes of scripture, onlesse the same be fyrst vewed, examined, and admitted by the kinges highnesse, or one of his priuye councell, or one byshoppe within the realme, whose name shall there in be expressed vpon paine of the kinges mooste highe displeasure, the losse of their goodes and cattels, and prisonmente so longe as it shall please the king.

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Marginalia4.Item those that be in anye erroures, as Sacramentaries, Annabapatistes, or anye other, or any that sell bokes hauing suche opinyons in them, being once knowen, both the bookes and such persons shalbe detected and disclosed immediatly vnto the kinges maiestye, or one of his preuy councell, to the entent to haue it punished without fauor, euen wth the extremity of the law.

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Marginalia5.Item that none of the kings subiectes shall reason, dispute, or argue vpon the Sacramentof the aultare vpon paine of losing their liues goodes, and Cattels without all fauour, only those excepted þt be lerned in deuinity, they to haue their liberty in their scholes, and appoynted places, accustomed for such matters.

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Marginalia6.Item that holy breade and holy water, processyon, kneling, and creping on good Friday to the crosse and Easter daye, settynge vp of lights before the Corpus Christi. Bearinge of Candels on Candelmasse day. Purification of women deliuered of childe. Offering of Cresomes. Keping of the iiii. offering daies. Paying their tithes and such like ceremonies must be obserued and kept, til it shall please þe kyng to chaunge or abrogate any of them. This article was made for that the people was not quieted (many of them) with the Ceremonyes then vsed.

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Marginalia7.Finallye all those priestes that be marryed, and openlye knowen to haue their wyues, or that here after do intend to marrye, shalbe depriued of all spirituall promotion, and frō doing anye duetye of a priest, and shall haue no manner of offyce, dignitye, cure, pryuiledge, profit or commodity in any thing apertaining to the cleargy. But from thence forth shall be taken, had, and reputed as lay persons to all purposes and intents. And these that shall after this proclamation marry, shal run in hys graces indignation, and suffer punishmēt and imprisonment at his graces will and plesure.

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Marginalia8.Item he chargeth all Archbishops, bishops, Archdeacons, Deacons, Prouostes, Persons, Vicares, Curates and other ministers, and euerye of them in their owne persones, wythin their cures diligentlye to preach, teache, open, and set forthe to the people, the glorye of God and truthe of his worde. And also consydering the abuses and superstitions that hathe crepte into the hartes and stomakes of many by reason of their fond ceremonies, he therfore chargeth them vpon paine of imprisonment at hys graces pleasure, not only to preach and teach the word of God accordingly, but also sincerely and purely, declaringe suche difference betwene thinges commaunded by God, and the rites and Ceremonies in their Churche then vsed, least the people therby might grow into further superstition.

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Marginalia9.Item for as much as it appeareth now clearly that Thomas Becket some time archbishop of Cantorbury stobernlye to wythstande the wholesome lawes established againste the ennormities of the cleargy, by the kinges hyghnesse noble progenitor king Henry the second for the common wealth, reast and tranquility of this realme, of his frowarde minde fled the realme into Fraunce, and to the Byshoppe of Rome maintainor of the enormities, to procure the abrogation of the said lawes. Wherby arose much trouble in this saide realme.

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