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to be abolished, eradicate, and rased out, and his name & memory to be neuer more (excepte to his cōtumely and reproche) remembred, but perpetually suppressed and obscured, and finally, to desiste and leaue out all suche articles as be in the generall sentence whiche is vsuallye accustomed, to be read foure tymes in þe yeare, and do tende to the glorie and auauncement of the bishop of Rome, his name title and iurisdiction. Whereupon we esteming and reputinge you to be of suche singuler and vehemēt zeale and effection toward the glory of almightie God, and of so faithfull louing and obediēt harte towardes vs, as ye wyl not only do and accomplyshe with all power, wysdome, dilygence & labour, what so euer should or mighte be to the preferment and setting forwarde of Gods worde, but also practise, study and endeuour your selfe, with all your pollicie, wytte, power, and good wyl, to amplyfie defende and mainteine all suche interest, right, title, stile, iurisdiction and autoritie, as is in any wyse apperteyning vnto vs, our dignitie, prerogatiue and crowne imperiall of this our realme, haue thought good and expedient, not only to signifie vnto you by these our letters, the particularities of the charge, monition and commaundement geuen by vs vnto the sayde byshoppe as before is specified, but also to enquire and straightly charge and commaunde you vpon paine of your allegeaunce, and as ye shall auoyde our hyghe indignation and displeasure at your vttermoste perill, laying apart al vain affections, respectes or other carnall consyderations, and setting only before your eyes the mirour of truthe, the glory of God, the dignitie of our soueraigne Lorde and kyng, and the great concorde and vnitie and inestimable profit and vitilitie that shall by the due execution of the premisses ensew to your selfe and all other faithful and louing subiectes, ye make or cause to be made diligent searche, wayte and especially in euery place of your shirewike, whether the sayde byshop do truly, syncerely and without all maner cloke, colour, or dissimulation, execute, and accomplyshe our wil and cōmaundement as is aforesayde, and in case ye shall heare, perceiue, and approuablie vnderstande, and knowe that the sayde byshop or any other ecclesiasticall persone within his dioces do omitte and leaue vndone any parte or parcell of the premisses, or els in thexecution and setting fourth of the same, doo coldly and vnfainedly vse any manner synister addition, wrong interpretation or painted colour: Thā we straightly charge and commaund you that fourthwith vpon any suche default, negligence, or dissimulation, by the sayde byshop or any other ecclesiasticall persone of his dioces contrary to the true tenour, meaning and effect of the sayde charge by vs to hym appoynted aforsayde, ye do make indelaydly & with all speade and diligence declaration and aduertisement to vs and our counsell of the saide default, and of the behauiour, maner, and fashion of the same. And for as muche as we vpon singuler truste, and assured confidence whiche we haue in you, and for the speciall loue & zeale whiche we suppose, and thynke ye beare towardes vs, and the publique and common wealth, vnitie and tranquilitie of this our realme, haue specially elected and chosen you among so many for this purpose, and haue reputed you suche menne as vnto whose wysdome, discretion, truthe and fydelitie, we myght commit a matter of suche great wayght, moment and importaunce, as whereupon the vnitie and tranquilitie of our Realme doth consyste. If ye should contrarie to our expectation and trust, whiche we haue in you and against your dutie and allegiaunce towardes vs, neglecte or omitte to doo, with all your diligence and wysdome, whatsoeuer shalbe in your power for the due performaunce of our mynde and pleasure to you before declared in this behalfe, or halte, or stomble at any parte or specialtie of the same. Be ye assured that we lyke a prynce of iustice, will so extreamely punyshe you for the same, that all the worlde besydes shall take by you ensample, and beware contrary to their alleageance to disobey the lawfull cōmaundement of their soueraigne lorde and prynce, in suche thynges, as by the faythful execution whereof ye shall not only aduaunce the honour of almightie God, and set fourth the maiestie and imperiall dignitie of our soueraigne lorde, but also bryng an inestimable weale, profit and cōmoditie, vnitie and tranquillitie to al the common state of this our Realme, wherunto both by the lawes of God nature and man, ye be vtterly bounde. Yeauen vnder our signet at our Pallace of Westminster the ix. day of Iune.

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The conuersatiō of maister Williā Tyndall and his first occasiō of his departure out of this Realme of Englande, and how traiteorusly he was taken and brought into the handes of Gods ennemies. And also of the troubles that folowed, to Poyntz vpon the same occasion with whome Maister Tyndall was lodged in Andwarpe.

Marginalia1536.FIrst mayster Tyndall beyng in seruice with one maister Welche a Knyght, who maried a doughter of Syr Robert Pointz, a knyght dwellyng in Glocestr shyre, the sayde Tyndall beyng scholemaister to the sayde maister Welche his children, and being in good fauour with his maister, sat moste cōmonly at his owne table, whiche kept a good ordinary, hauing resort to hym, many tymes

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