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Actes and Monumentes of the Churche.

trarie to Gods lawe, that the Clergie shoulde be exempte from the power and iurisdiction of the Magistrate ordeyned of God. For suche as were ordeyned in office by the Byshoppes, haue no power, but only to preache the worde of God, and to feede their flocke therewithall. After their death their Monasterie was dissolued at Andwarpe: The Presydent whereof, by the Papistes called Iacobus Lutherianus, after dyuerse and many troubles and afflictions he was forced to recante at Bruxelles, but afterwarde his mynde beynge renewed by the holye Ghoste, embracynge that agayne which he before hadde renounced, fled vnto Luther.

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About this tyme or somewhat before, there happened a wonderfull example of boldnes, and Christian courage, for a certayne scholler borne at Abbeuile, comming in to kynge Lewys his palace, MarginaliaThe hoste taken out of the priest handes in the pallace of Ludouicus the frēch king.tooke awaye the hoste from a prieste that was at masse, and beyng letted by the people that he coulde not cary it awaye, he brake it in pieces and troode it vnder hys feete, and for so muche as he coulde not, neyther by the intreatie of his parentes nor of other learned menne, be caused to desyste and cease from his attēpted purpose, he was burned alyue in the Swyne market. the pieces of the host also, with the pauement whereupon it was broken and troden, were diligently gathered together and layde vp amongest the treasures of the pallaice.

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Marginalia1523.After this in the yeare of oure Lorde 1523. After Pope Adrianus the syxte, who succedid Iulius before mentioned, came Clemens the eight, MarginaliaPope Clemens. 8.whose lyfe is thus in one verse described. Bellorum hic fomes, cūctorum lerna malorum. His ende was to be poysoned with dyuers of his Cardinalles and familiers, with the smoke of torches. In the tyme of this Pope Clement, MarginaliaNicolaus Machianellus historicus.wrote Nicolaus Machianellus the secretary of the cytie of Florence. Who in his historie wryteth and proueth, that through the ambition of Popes, procedeth almoste al these euilles and warres amonge Christen menne. MarginaliaEx primo libro eiusdē Nicolai.He declareth moreouer þt before Theodoricke kyng of Lombardes, that is, before the yeare of our Lorde 500. in all pollitike affayres the Byshoppe of Rome euer obeyed the Emperours and kynges: MarginaliaCardinalls at the first were but parish priestsAnd that the Cardinalles in the fyrst begynning were nothyng els but paryshe priestes. But after they inuaded bothe the spirituall and temporall iurisdiction, vsurping aboue kynges and Emperours. MarginaliaThre manner of wais how þe pope crept vp.By thre maner of wayes, sayeth he, the Romysh Byshop did crepe vp, that is: by excommunicatiōs by indulgences, and force of armes, all which thre they dyd farre abuse.

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This yeare. Solimanus the great Turke, wrote a letter vnto the maister of the Rodes, requyring to haue the towne geuen ouer vnto him, the tenour wherof here enseweth.

¶ Solemanus Tsaccus, kyng of kinges, and Lord of Lordes, moste myghty Emperour of Constantinople and Trapezuntis &c. Vnto the reuerent father Phylippe Vilerius Liladamus, great maister of the Rhodes, to his knyghtes, and the comminaltie there.

THe pity & compassion of my afflicted people, & your extreame iniuries haue moued me. therfor I cōmaund you, that by the spedy surrender of your Iland and towne of Rodes, you may willingly obteyne grace and fauor, to departe, with all your ryches and substance, or if ye wyll remaine and tary vnder my dominion, your liberty shall not be diminished in any case, eyther in religion or payeng of tribut. If ye be wyse, preferre peace and amity before moost crewell war, for if ye be ouercome, ther is nothing to be looked for, but extreame crewelty, suche as captiues are wont to receaue at the handes of the Conquerors, from the which neither your owne force, nor foraine aydes, shal in any case defend you, neither yet your myghty stronge walles, which I wyll vtterly subuerte. Farre ye well, which thinge you may doo, if ye wyll preferre my frendshyppe before force and violence, which shal be assured vnto you without fraud or guile. I sweare by god the maker of heauen and earth. And by the. iiii. Historiographers of Euangelicall histories, and by the. 8000. Prophetes that came from heauen, and by our mighty God Mahumet aboue all other to be worshipped, and by the spyrites of my father and grandfather, and by this my sacred Roial and Imperiall head, from our pallace at Constantinople.

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MarginaliaRhodes ouercome of the Turk.The same yeare in the time of Pope Hadriane, the Ilande of Rhodes was loste and yelded ouer to Soliman the Turke, to the greate hinderdaunce and detriment of all Christendome.

¶ Henry Sudphen Monke put to death in Diedmar.

Marginalia1524.IN the yeare of our Lord. 1522. Henry Sudphen came to Brem not to the intent theire to playe the preacher but for that he was minded to goo to Vittenberge, albeit that he was driuen from Andwarpe for the Gospels sake. And beinge required by certeyne godly cityzens of Breame to make one or two briefe exhortations vpon the Gospell, through the ernest loue and zeale that was in hym, hee was easely allured and perswaded

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