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136 [1238]

Actes and Monumentes of Marters

to the whiche letters, the Emperour again maketh his purgation, charginge the Pope not wt feyned, but with true & moste heinous crimes, of slaunder, of falsehode, prodition, periury, rebellion, hipocrisye, brieflye proueth him in the sayd letters to bee very Antichrist, as in Marginalia Pettrus de Vineis.þe boke of Petrus de Vineis, whereof dyuerse also of the sayde Emperours letters are dispersed in sondrie places of the storie of Matheus, yet to be seen. whereof I thought to excerpe these fewe wordes wrytten to the Frenche kyng concerning the same. where in the proces of his letter these wordes followe.

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Admiramur semper francorum prudentiam, quod non subtilius cæteris papales astutias cōsideratis, vel non attēditis cupiditates. Proponit enim ipsius ambitio insatiabilis omnia fidelium regna suo subijcere dominatui, ab Anglorum conculcata corona sumens exemplariter consequentiam, & vt culmē imperij suis inclinet nutibus, ausa est præsumptuoso conatu & ausu temerario proteruius inhiare &c.

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¶ Thus in Englishe.

We maruel muche at the prudence and wisdome of the French men, that you do not consider more quicke then the other, the Popes subtile deceites, or that you do not attend & marke his gredy couetousnes. For his insatiable ambitiō purposeth no lesse but to subdue all relms christened vnder his iurisdiction, as consequētly well may be gathered by the crown of Englande, brought vnder his girdle. Yea, and furthermore presumpteouslye and shameleslye doth atchieue to bring and subdue the maiestie of the imperiall crowne vnder his authoritye and dominion. &c. Besides this diuers other letters he writeth, not so muche chargyng as prouyng him to be the beast and the aduersary prefiguring Antichrist.

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Marginalia 1250This Emperour at length departyng to Apulia, there died, the yeare of our Lorde. 1250. beyng poisoned, as some thinke, by the meanes of the Pope. Marginalia Robert grosted B. of Lincoln.In the tyme of this wrong named Pope Innocent died one Robert Grostede, B. of Lincolne, a man famously learned (as þt time serued) in liberall sciences, whose workes and sermōs yet to this day are extāt in the quenes maiesties librarye at Westminster, wherin is one speciall Sermon wrytten to the sayde In-nocent, beginning thus. Dominus noster Iesus Christus. &c. Marginalia Cestrensis lib. 7.Of this Robert Grosted wryteth Cestrensis in the vii. boke of his history, that partly for that it greued him to see the intollerable exactions of the Pope in this Realme, & partly because that he refused to admitte a certaine yong nephew of the Pope, to be canon of his churche, wryting to the Pope that he could not admitte suche into his churche, which neyther did knowe their selues, nor their charges committed vnto them, Marginalia Grosthead appeleth frō the Pope to Christe.was therfore called vp to Rome and there excommunciated, who thē appealing from the Pope to the tribunall seat of Christ, shortly after departed. It chaunced within two yeares after his decease, the sayde Pope Innocent being a sleepe, a certen byshop appareled byshoplike, appeared vnto hym, and stryking him with his staffe on his lefte syde, sayde: Surge miser et veni in iudicium: that is, ryse wretche and come to thy iudgement: the next daye after the Popes bed was founde bloudy, and he found dead. Hæc Cestrensis. &c.

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Marginalia Edward the first.After kyng Henry iii. aboue mētioned, who reigned lvii. yeares, succeaded his sonne Edward the first. Marginalia

Edward the second.


After whom when he had reigned 35. yeares, succeaded likewise his sonne Edward the second. who when he had reigned xx. yeares was deposed, and at lēgth being in pryson was stroken in with a hoote spit. Marginalia

Edward the third.


After whome succeaded Edwarde the iii. In whose reigne the towne of Calys was first wonne, & after the Frenche kynge taken prysoner and brought into England, and raunsomed for iii. thousand thousand florences. At whiche time chaunced also the great conflicte betwene the townsmen of Oxford & the Vniuersitie, wherof yet at this day a yearly remembraunce remaineth. In whose reign also two friers Minorites wer burned at Auinion. Marginalia

M. Iohn Wiclife.


About the yere 1374. of the Lord, in the reigne of this kyng was maister Iohn Wyclief, Reader of diuinitie in the Vniuersitie of Oxford, of whom followeth in the next Tome, by the grace of Christ more to bee discoursed.

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