Report an Error

We accept that it is difficult to present a work on this scale which is entirely free of errors and therefore invite your feedback so that you can assist us in improving TAMO.

We welcome feedback on the following subjects:

1. A programming bug which means that the edition does not function as you would expect. An example of this might be a link which does nothing when you click on it.

2. An error in the organisation or representaton of the edition, such as an absent or incorrectly numbered page, or typography which does not display as you would expect.

Please report programming bugs and errors to:

Please note that although bugs will be addressed as quickly as possible, errors in the organisation or representation of the edition will be addressed as part of a scheduled update which will occur annually. These annual updates will be marked by an increase in TAMO's version number (eg. version 2.1, version 2.2 etc) and any changes made to the edition will be recorded in a history log which will be available from this page.

Please address any proposed corrections to the content of the edition (its commentaries or editorial apparatus) to: These will be considered for correction on an annual basis and any changes will be recorded in the history log.