This map shows the number of venues in each of the three regions: South Yorkshire; Humberside; Wearside and Durham. Click on a pointer to zoom in and locate individual venues.


This website presents some of the results of the collaborative R&D project How Audiences Form. It attempts to show how cinema information, such as audience and programming data, can be combined with data visualisation to help inform our understanding of audience participation and film provision for specialised cinema across particular regions.

The current website uses data taken from venues in three regions: South Yorkshire; Humberside; and Wearside and Durham. Not all venues in these regions responded to our requests for data and not all venues were able to provide us with complete sets of data. As such, inconsistency across the datasets should be borne in mind when interpeting the visualisations.

It should be noted that the website is concerned with specialised cinema. As such, the "Genre" and "Type" categories that are used when visualising the data are those that have been defined by the British Film Institute.

The website is an output from a collaborative R&D project between Film Hub North, which is part of the BFI's Audience Network and led by the Showroom Cinema in Sheffield, and the University of Sheffield's School of English, Department of Sociological Studies and HRI Digital. The aim of the project was to inform Film Hub North's strategic R&D plan: a) understand existing modes of audience engagement with specialised and independent cinema in the north of England, b) identify any emerging trends (such as the increasing use of social media channels) and c) determine the region's readiness for initiatives aimed at improving audience engagement.

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Project Team

  • Dr David Forrest (Principal Investigator - School of English)
  • Dr Bridgette Wessels (Co-Investigator - Department of Sociological Studies)
  • Dr Steven Corbett (Research Associate - Department of Sociological Studies)
  • Ian Wild (Chief Executive - Showroom & Workstation)
  • Melanie Crawley (Marketing & Development Manager - Showroom & Workstation)
  • Anna Kime (Manager - Film Hub North)
  • Ryan Bloor (Developer - Humanities Research Institute)
  • Michael Pidd (Digital Director - Humanities Research Institute)