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The grand repository of the English language: containing, besides the excellencies of all other dictionaries and grammars of the English tongue, the peculiarity of having the most proper and agreeable pronunciation of the alphabetic words denoted in the most intelligible manner by a new alphabet. With a copper-plate, exhibiting the new alphabet both in writing and printing characters. Intended for the use of every one whether native or foreigner, that would require a complete knowledge of the English language, with the least waste of time and expence; but especially for those who are but indifferent readers, from not having been taught to pronounce properly. By Thomas Spence, Teacher of English in Newcastle. Newcastle Upon Tyne: Printed by T. Saint, for the author, and sold by him at his school on the Keyside, and by all the booksellers in town and country. MDCCLXXV.
Year Edition Type of Work
1775 1st Pronouncing dictionary

Other Info

Price Physical Description Publication
none on imprint [300] p.; 21 cm Newcastle, Northumberland, England
Edition consulted: JCB's copy.
Physical description from COPAC.
Data compiled by JCB. Db input by NYB.
On audience: working class.
(Beal 1999: 76) "[Spence] did, indeed, use a system of notation whichwas 'phonetic' in the sense of 'one sound = one spelling'." [...] "[Spence] achieves this by means of what Abercrombie would term an 'extended alphabet' rather than a new script".
Beal 1999, Alston facsimile series
grammar section, preface, title page


Name Life Dates Gender  
Spence, Thomas 1750-1814 male View


Class Gender Age Instruction Purpose
low all learners all learners all learners all learners

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