Using Primary Sources: creating and using e-textbooks in partnership with University libraries and publishers

Dr Hogg has been working as General Editor of the Open Access e-textbook project Using Primary Sources (UPS) for almost three years.


Funded by JISC as part of the ‘institution as e-textbook creator’ project, UPS will contain 29 chapters based on historical themes, and will appear on the online Biblioboard platform alongside a print version published by Liverpool University Press in 2017.


Most chapters utilise newly digitised archival materials from the University of Liverpool’s own collections. The chapters suggest ways that students might integrate such materials into their written work, while also encouraging the development of advanced research skills.


This paper will include a demonstration of the first online version of UPS.


The talk will conclude with some thoughts on:


  • Undertaking a project of this size, with reflections on the benefits and opportunities of collaborations of this kind, as well as the challenges involved.
  • Working with e-textbook software, practical issues, and how to encourage innovation. What might the future of academic books look like?
  • On-going evaluative work with students, academics and other university staff in relation to the e-textbook. How do we know how effective it is, or will be, as a teaching resource?
  • Potential contributions to knowledge in this area of pedagogy, specifically student learning and engagement in relation to Digital Humanities, and research-led teaching and learning in relation to the discipline of History.