Hugh II married of Le Puiset

Country and Region of Origin
Centre (RE) Eure-et-Loir (D)
Specific Title
Viscount of Chartres and Lord of Le Puiset
Gender and Marital Statusa
wife: Mabel of Roucy, niece of Bohemond of Taranto (First Crusader, 1107-8 Crusader) Brother: Everard III of Le Puiset (First Crusader) Brother: Gilduin, abbot of Josephat, who settled in the Holy Land Brother: Waleran, lord of Villepreux (First Crusader) Nephew: Hugh III of Le Puiset (1129 Crusader) Cousin: Baldwin II, king of Jerusalem (First Crusader) Son: Hugh II of Jaffa Cousin: Joscelin of Courtenay, count of Edessa (1101 Crusader) Cousin: William of Bures-sur-Yvette, prince of Galilee


Crusade of 1107-1108
Contingent Leader
Bohemond of Taranto
Probability of Participation
Financial Arrangements
Before his departure Hugh had been involved in a dispute with Rotrou of Perche (First Crusader).
Consequences of Expedition
Hugh's ancestor Everard II went on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem in 1073. While his brother fought in the First Crusade, Hugh looked after his nephew and later enrolled on Bohemond's crusade. After his arrival in the Holy Land he was given the lordship of Jaffa (he is thus often known as Hugh I of Jaffa). His wife Mabel later married Albert, son of Count Albert III of Namur.
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