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Roche Abbey lands: table of holdings

This is a table of the places where it is known that Roche Abbey had holdings; not all of these can be identified and those that are uncertain have not been marked on the map; these appear in bold. Kirk Smeaton / Little Smeaton and Kirk Sandall / Long Sandall are marked on the map in italics, as we simply know that Roche had holdings in Smeaton and Sandall.
If any user of this website can help with the location of these places or knows of any other holdings that are not listed, please contact cistercians@sheffield.ac.uk

A number of these former granges are now occupied by farms.

Abdy Yorkshire, WR 'property of an abbey' ; perhaps in Wath.
'Aggacroft' (grange) Yorkshire, WR This no longer exists; included amongst the field-names in Maltby is reference to a meadow belonging to the abbot of Roche called 'Aggacroft'(14)
Alverley Yorkshire, WR This was situated in the township of Wadworth, 3 miles from Doncaster, 10 miles from Rotherham.
Anston Yorkshire, WR 'single stone' / 'Anna's stone'
Armthorpe (grange) Yorkshire, WR Now Edenthorpe; a farm stands on the site.
Arncliffe Yorkshire, WR  
Ashover Derbyshire A farm now stands on the site.
Askern Yorkshire , WR Liberty of Pontefract
Balne Yorkshire, WR  
Barnby (grange) Yorkshire, WR = Barnby Dun. A farm now stands on the site.
Barnoldswick (grange) Yorkshire, WR This is, presumably, the same 'Barnoldswick' where the Kirkstall community began monastic life and later had a grange.
Bawtry Nottinghamshire  
Bilham Yorkshire, WR This was one of three townships in Hooten Pagnall, which are now united to form an urban district. (15)
A farm now stands on the site.
Blyth Nottinghamshire  
Braithwell Yorkshire, WR  
Bramley Yorkshire, WR 'forest clearing or glade overgrown with broom'. A farm now stands on the site.
Bramwith (Kirk) (grange) Yorkshire, WR  
Brancliffe (grange) Yorkshire, WR 'steep bank'; in North Anston(16) (the abbey's lands here included tillage of Herdewilkecroft and Botildewellung). On the lane leading from this grange to the Sheffield and Worksop Road there is a bridge called 'Monks' Bridge'. A farm now stands on the site.
Bridlington Yorkshire, ER  
Brookhouse Yorkshire, WR  
Broom Riddings Yorkshire, WR = Broom
Bugthorpe Yorkshire, ER  
Calling Low Derbyshire  
Campsall Yorkshire, WR  
Carlton in Lindrick Nottinghamshire  
Carr Yorkshire, WR  
Catwick Yorkshire, ER  
Chatsworth Derbyshire The abbey's lands here included Stanhege.
Conisbrough Yorkshire, WR  
Cudworth Yorkshire, WR  
Cumberworth Yorkshire, WR This is now known as Cumberworth Half ('Upper Cumberworth Half).
Deepcar Yorkshire, WR  
Doncaster Yorkshire, WR  
Dunscroft (grange?) Yorkshire, WR  
'Eilrichetorpe' / 'Eilrichthorpe' [grange?(17)] Yorkshire, WR This adjoined the abbey grounds.
Ehus / Ewes Yorkshire, WR 'yew trees'; 'Ewes' - in Firbeck (Tickhill) and Worall (Ecclesfield).(18) The monks' property here was called 'Holtheng', which they held at the Dissolution.
Ernuse / Ennuse Nottinghamshire Location and identity unknown. In 1248 the abbot of Roche gave Henry III 5m for seizen of the mills or 'Ernuse' in Nottinghamshire.
Firbeck Yorkshire, WR  
Fishlake Yorkshire, WR  
Flixborough Lincs.  
Gildingwells Yorkshire, WR  
Goderic-Ridding Yorkshire, WR Whilst this no longer exists it seemingly lay between Wadworth and Wellingley.
Harworth Nottinghamshire Formerly called 'Farworth'
Hatfield Yorkshire, WR Included tithes from the fisheries of Brathmere and Newfleet.
Haugh Yorkshire, WR Upper Haugh ('secluded hollow in a hillside') in Rawmarsh ('red earth')(19); note that Nether Haugh is in Greasborough, Upper Strafforth.
Hellaby Yorkshire, WR  
Hesley Notts. 'Heslay Hall', near Blyth and Rossington.(20)
Hestwell / Hestwelle   The identity of 'Hestwelle' is uncertain; it may be Heswall, in Merseyside, Hessle in the ER or Hessle in the WR Yorkshire.
Holme Yorkshire, WR Now known as Holmes Carr Wood.
Hooten Levitt Yorkshire, WR  
Hooten Roberts Yorkshire, WR  
Hope Derbyshire  
Ichells Yorkshire, WR Location and identity unknown, but it apparently lay near Wentworth and Haugh, west of Rotherham.(21)
Ickles Yorkshire, WR  
Ingbirchworth Yorkshire, WR 'the dwelling place by the birch trees.'
Innseby (Inssebye)   Location and identity unknown.
Kilnhurst Yorkshire, WR  
Kiveton (Kiveton Park) Yorkshire, WR  
Lambcote Grange (Lambcroft) Yorkshire, WR 'a shed for lambs'.(22) A farm now stands on the site.
Laughton Yorkshire, WR  
Lincoln Lincs.  
Lindrick Yorkshire, WR South of Roche, this is now called 'King's Wood' (c. 4 miles from Tickhill Castle)
Loversall Yorkshire, WR  
Lumby Yorkshire, WR  
Maltby Yorkshire, WR  
Marr (grange) Yorkshire, WR A farm now stands on the site.
Micklebring Yorkshire, WR  
Monk Bretton Yorkshire, WR  
Monyash Derbyshire  
Morley Yorkshire, WR  
Newall / Newhall   This is not marked on the map for there are several possibilities, the most likely is Newhall grange in Slade Hooten.(23)
Newland   Several places are known by this name and include Keyingham, Yorkshire ER.
Newsome (Newsham?) (grange)   There are several possibilities including Newsam north of Leeds.
Nottingham Nottinghamshire  
Oldcotes Nottinghamshire  
One Ash (grange) Derbyshire Moneyash; survives as a farm and campsite.
Ousethorpe Yorkshire, ER In Pocklington.(24)
Overste / Oberste   Identity and location unknown.
Ravenfield Yorkshire, WR  
Rawmarsh Yorkshire, WR  
Risby Lincs.  
Rochdale Lancs. The abbey's holdings here include Hillingthorpe, Denshaw, Ashenbeech and Castleshaw.
Roche Yorkshire, WR  
Rossington East Sussex  
Roxby (grange) Lincs. A farm now stands on the site.
Sandall Yorkshire, WR It is perhaps more likely that the abbey's holdings were in Kirk Sandall38 rather than Long Sandall; the parish of Kirk Sandall(25) is now united with the township of Barnby-Dun and for included for a while Long Sandall.
Sandbeck Yorkshire, WR 'sandy stream.'
Scausby / Scawsby Yorkshire, WR  
Serlby Nottinghamshire  
Sezacres   Identity and location unknown; perhaps Seggcarrs (Yorkshire ER), or Susacres (Yorkshire WR)
Slade Hooten Yorkshire, WR  
Smeaton Yorkshire, WR The abbey's holdings in Smeaton may have been in either Kirk or Little Smeaton.
Snaith Yorkshire, WR  
Stainforth Yorkshire, WR  
Stainton Yorkshire, WR  
Stancil Yorkshire, WR Stancil is now incorporated in Wadworth .
Strafforth Yorkshire, WR This wapentake was divided in two (Upper and Lower) and was named after the point where the two parts of the wapentake met - Strafforth Sands in Mexborough.(26)
Streetthorpe Yorkshire, WR This now longer exists but is now known as Edenthorpe, in Kirk Sandall.(27)
Styrrup Nottinghamshire  
Templeborough Yorkshire, WR With its appurtenances in Ickles.
Thorne Yorkshire, WR  
Throapham Yorkshire, WR  
Thurnscoe (also Holme) (grange?)(28) Yorkshire, WR The abbey's holdings here included Blitheshaw and Hoxesbrigge. A farm now stands on the site.
Thurstonland (grange?) Yorkshire, WR

Roche’s holdings here included Shelley.
The grange here was known as ‘Tymberland’ . (29)

Tickhill Yorkshire, WR  
Tinsley Yorkshire, WR Aveling maintains that reference to 'Winely' is an error and should read Tinsley.(30)
Todwick (grange) Yorkshire, WR The remains of a messuage and tenement called 'the abbot's house' can still be seen, and are now known as 'the old Hall;' a road here is named 'Roche End' after the abbey.
Torworth Nottinghamshire  
Wadworth Yorkshire, WR A township that now includes the former townships of Stancil and Wellingley.(31)
Walkeringham Nottinghamshire The abbey's holdings here included Shepwick.
Wallingwells Nottinghamshire  
Warley Yorkshire, WR  
Wellingley (grange) Yorkshire, WR Now incorporated within the township of Wadworth
Wickersley Yorkshire, WR In Upper Strafforth, near Whiston and Ravenfield.(32)
Wilsick Yorkshire, WR 'willow stream'; Wilsick Hall in Upper Strafforth, Stainton.(33)
Winterton Lincs.  
Winteringham Lincs. A farm now stands on the site.
Wigglesworth Yorkshire, WR  
Woodhouse Mill Yorkshire, WR  
York The Ainsty and City of York