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The chapter-house at Roche, like those at other abbeys, was situated in the eastern range, one of the most inaccessible locations to outsiders. It was an oblong building, divided into two sections, and probably dates from the early thirteenth century. Recent analysis of the architecture suggests that the design of the vaulting was both unusual and highly complex, in particular that in the eastern part of the building. The main entrance to the chapter-house was through a central doorway from the cloister, which had windows on either side. The east end of the chapter-house was illuminated by two windows; another two windows allowed light to enter through the sides.

It was usual for abbots and important people, such as noble benefactors, to be buried in monastic chapter-houses, but unfortunately there are no remains of any tombstones in the chapter-house at Roche.

Artist's impression of a chapter meeting
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Artist's impression of a Chapter meeting