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Roche Abbey: the abbot’s lodgings

Plan of Roche Abbey showing the location of the chapter house.(1/1)

Cistercian abbots at first slept in the common dormitory with the rest of the monks but later on it was customary for them to have their own private lodgings. At Roche, the abbot’s quarters were situated to the south of the cloister, in the area associated with the infirmary. The layout of the buildings here is not fully understood - the remains are difficult to date and the area to the south has not been excavated.The abbot’s quarters, complete with hall, private chambers and fireplaces, may have been situated in the oblong building to the south of the monks’ latrine-blocks. An alternative location is the building to the east of this, which may have communicated with the monks’ dormitory. Remains of the abbot’s kitchen and other service buildings – most likely a bakehouse and a brewhouse – stand to the west of these buildings (and to the east of the lay-brothers’ infirmary). The kitchen had a large fireplace in its north wall; the floor was paved and remains of this can still be seen. These ancillary buildings may also have served the monks’ infirmary.

Remains of the abbot's lodgings at Roche abbey
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Remains of the Abbott's lodgings at Roche abbey

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