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Stephen of Sawley (Easton)

1. From the inscription above Stephen’s tomb at Vaudey Abbey.
2. This is a summary of Lackner’s introduction to Stephen and his works in Stephen of Sawley, Treatises, ed. B. Lackner, tr. J. F. O’Sullivan (Kalamazoo, 1984), pp. 5-23. The four treatises attributed to Stephen are translated by O’Sullivan in the preceding work; for Latin editions see A. Wilmart, ‘Les méditations d’Étienne de Sallai sur les joies de la Vierge Marie’, Revue d’ascétique et de la mystique 10 (1929), pp. 268-415; A. Wilmart, ‘Le triple exercise d’Étienne de Sallai’, Revue d’ascétique et de la mystique 11 (1930), pp. 355-374; E. Mikkers, ‘Un Speculum novitii inédit d’Étienne de Sallai’, Collectanea OCR 8 (1946), pp. 17-68; E. Mikkers, ‘Un traité inédit d’Étienne de Sallai sur la psalmodie’, Cîteaux 23 (1972), pp. 245-288.