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Marmaduke Huby, abbot of Fountains (1495-1526)

Huby's tower at Fountains
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Huby's tower at Fountains

Huby is perhaps the best-known abbot of Fountains and, indeed, he made an enormous impact on the community and the Order. Huby entered the Cistercian life at Fountains. c.1463, and played a leading role in the administration of the abbey; he was indispensable to Abbot John Darnton who regarded him as his right-hand man. Huby was the obvious choice of successor when Darnton died in 1495.
Huby enjoyed a long and successful abbacy at Fountains; numbers blossomed, the abbey’s reputation soared, and it was largely owing to him that the building and provisioning of the Cistercian studium at Oxford (St Bernard’s) was completed. Yet, Huby’s abbacy was not trouble-free and there was even a conspiracy plotting his removal, several years before his death. It is not now known where Huby was buried, but his great tower – Huby’s tower – is a memorial to his life and achievements.