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John Alanbridge, abbot of Byland (1525-38)

John was a Yorkshireman, who came from the area around Leeds and Pudsey. He served as cellarer of Byland from 1522 until his appointment as abbot in 1525. John presided over the community until the closure of the monasteries by Henry VIII.
In March 1539, John received dispensation to hold a benefice providing he renounced his monastic standing. John, however, preferred to retire to the country and live there off his substantial pension.

John was remembered in the will of Thomas Metcalf, a former monk of Byland, who left John his best silver spoon in 1558. When John made his own will five years later, he did not bequeath any goods to former members of the monastery although he did leave a vestment to Calverley parish church and various silver items to William Calverley, in whose house he lived.(1)