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Clairvaux was the third Cistercian foundation, the third of Cîteaux’s ‘elder daughters’. It was established in when Bernard, a monk of Cîteaux, was sent to lead this new community at Clairvaux (Valley of Light), in the diocese of Langres. Bernard's magnetism and fame inspired a number of recruits, among them the future pope, Eugenius III. Under Bernard’s direction Clairvaux blossomed and founded an incredible number of daughter-houses. During Bernard’s abbacy it established or absorbed sixty-five daughter-houses and eventually there were over 350 houses affiliated to Clairvaux. Bernard was instrumental in bringing the Cistercians to Yorkshire, and the Clairvaux line was by far the strongest in the British Isles. He is sometimes depicted carrying a model of a church, symbolic of his contribution to expansion.