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The Cistercians in Yorkshire title graphic

Cistercian administration: footnotes
  1. A tithe of ‘dogdrove’ which, it seems, was probably codfish from Dogger Bank by the North Sea, C. H. Talbot ‘Cîteaux and Scarborough’, Studia Monastica II (1960), pp. 95-158, at p. 97.
  2. In accepting this gift Cîteaux disregarded Cistercian legislation, which forbade the acceptance of revenues from churches. For an extensive survey of this gift and the problems presented in managing and retaining it, as well as a transcription of the charters relating to Scarborough, see C. H. Talbot, 'Cîteaux and Scarborough'.
  3. Institutes of the General Chapter, clause LVII [Narrative and Legislative Texts from Early Citeaux, ed. C. Waddell (Citeaux, 1999), p. 480].

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