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Name: OXFORD, ST. BERNARD’S COLLEGE Location: nr Oxford County: Oxfordshire
Foundation: 1437 Mother house: None
Relocation: None Founder: Archbishop Chichele
Dissolution: c. 1542 Prominent members:

St John's College, Oxford, formerly St Bernard's College
© St John's College
St John's COllege, Oxford

The college of St. Bernard’s was founded by the Cistercian Order in 1437. It was the initiative of Archbishop Chichele and was intended as a college for Cistercian monks within the University of Oxford.(1) The college was not presided over by an abbot, but a ‘provisor’. In 1482 the Cistercian General Chapter decreed that every monastery with twelve monks should send one member to the Oxford college, and that every monastery with twenty-six monks should send two. Monasteries of only two or three monks were to join up with other small communities and combine forces to send one scholar on the group's behalf.(2) St. Bernard’s College may well have escaped closure for at least a few years after the Dissolution, although it is thought to have been suppressed c. 1542.(3) During the reign of Mary I the buildings were reorganised to form St. John’s College which still functions as part of the University of Oxford.(4)

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