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Cistercians Abbeys: GLANAWYDAN

Name: GLANAWYDAN Location: nr Kilmacthomas County: Waterford
Foundation: 1170-1200 Mother house: Inislounaght
Relocation: None Founder: Unknown
Dissolution: 1228 Prominent members:
Access: No remains

Glanawydan was founded in 1170 or 1195-1200. It was colonised with monks from Inislounaght. By 1227, however, the abbey was found to be too poor and lacking in personnel to continue and in 1228 Stephen of Lexington decided to unite the abbey with Dunbrody. In 1232 the abbey was reduced, on account of poverty, to a grange of Dunbrody. Inislounaght regained possession of the property, c. 1278, when filiation with Mellifont was restored and it has been suggested that Glanawydan was revived as an abbey for a time. In 1541 Glanawydan came as part of the possessions of Inislounaght.