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Title: Untitled
Artist: Wu Biduan 伍必端
Created: 1949
Media: ink on paper
Source: Jiang Jieshi zui'e shi (Chiang Kai-shek's hideous past) (Tianjin: Zhishi Shudian, 1949).

This image was first published in July 1949 on the front cover of a lianhuanhua (comic book) collection, and was republished in September 1950. The theme of Chiang being disfigured by a pen or other instrument is a common one in early post-1949 artwork, yet this image also maintains many elements that had been developed in depictions of Chiang from the era of the Japanese Occupation (such as the medicinal patch on Chiang's temple and the use of a pallid, green hue for Chiang's skin).

Wu Biduan emerged as an important CCP-affiliated artist during the Civil War years, and was closely associated with the city of Tianjin.