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Women yiding yao jiefang Taiwan (We must liberate Taiwan)

Title: Women yiding yao jiefang Taiwan (We must liberate Taiwan)
Artist: Zhongyang Gongyi Meishu Xueyuan (Central Academy of Art and Design)
Created: 1958
Media: Poster
Source: Courtesy of the Landsberger Collection

In a classic example of perspectival distortion (a common feature of Soviet propaganda), a half-naked Chiang tried in vain to shield himself from the united strength of Chinese soldiers, peasants and workers.

The poster was one of many images to be produced in the aftermath of the Second Taiwan Strait Crisis of 1958. Indeed, the Central Academy of Art and Design (whose artists collectively produced this image) were tasked with producing various images that could be used throughout the country for propagandistic purposes in this particular year. The academy provided many similiar images for distribution through publications such as Yiding yao jiefang Taiwan xuanchuanhua cankao ziliao (Reference materials for propaganda posters for the liberation of Taiwan) (Beijing: Renmin meishu chubanshe, 1958).