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Fujian, cape,


Title: Untitled
Artist: Asahi Shimbun
Created: 1933
Media: Photograph
Source: Asahi Shimbun Photo Archives (c) Asahi Shimbun

A rare image of propaganda produced by the Fujian Revolutionary Government, which was established in defiance of Chiang.

Three of the four sections of the poster, produced by the Fujian People's Government Cultural Committee, depict Chiang in a different guise. On the top right, Chiang is drawn kowtowing to Emperor Puyi (the latter a puppet of the Japanese in this image), recently enthroned as emperor in Manchukuo; the white star of the KMT ensign is shown as a 'machine that kills people' (while Chiang watches) in the bottom right; on the top left is Chiang piling up the profits from peasants 'each generation is the same as the last'.