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Mo hao dao zai sha (Sharpening the knife to continue killing)

Title: Mo hao dao zai sha (Sharpening the knife to continue killing)
Artist: Hua Junwu 華君武
Created: 1947
Media: cartoon
Source: Wang Chaowen (ed), Hua Junwu zhengzhi fengci huaxuanji (A collection of Hua Junwu's political and satirical drawings) (Beijing: Renmin Meishu Chubanshe, 1954).

This is one of the most iconic images of Chiang to be produced during the Chinese Civil War, and became the inspiration for many subsequent images. The original is held in the collections of the National Art Museum of China in Beijing. As Chang-tai Hung puts it: 'Hua Junwu satirizes the Nationalist leader [in this image] as a bloodthirsty tyrant who talks peace with the Communists merely as a smokescreen to rekindle a civil war...'

Hua's 1947 depiction of Chiang included many of the standard attributes that would continue to be used by this and other artists well into the 1950s and 1960s, including the plaster on the temple (which Hua claimed as his own innovation, but which was included in many Japanese propaganda images), 'murine eyes', a US-style uniform (of the sort that Chiang himself never wore) and a dagger, knife or sword.

Further Reading:

Chang-tai Hung, Mao's New World: Political Culture in the Early People's Republic (Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 2011), esp. 166-9.