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Title: Untitled
Artist: Mi Gu 米谷
Created: 1950 (1 August)
Media: Magazine cover
Source: Manhua 3

Early post-Liberation images of Chiang emerging from the mainland often presented Chiang in proximity to other prominent 'enemies', such as landlords or Americans. Like anti-Chiang images produced by the Japanese during the war, such work also frequently presented Chiang as having been physically mutilated (in this case, missing a hand), and losing clothes (e.g., wearing only a single boot). The ubiquitous head wound so common to anti-Chiang imagery is also seen here. It was also common to feature Chiang below or underneath images of 'the people' (in this case a People's Liberation Army soldier - this issue being published on 1 August, the anniversary of the founding of the PLA).

Mi Gu was one of the most prolific of communist artists to produce Chiang caricatures during the Chinese Civil War and the early post-1949 periods. He was also a regular contributor to Manhua (Cartoons) - a publication that rarely went an issue without the inclusion of a caricature of Chiang in some capacity in the early 1950s.