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Jiang Zhuxi (Chairman Chiang)

Title: Jiang Zhuxi (Chairman Chiang)
Artist: Huang Wennong 黃文農
Created: 1929
Media: Magazine cover
Source: Shanghai Manhua (Shanghai Sketch) 75, 28 September 1929.

This is one of the most iconic images of Chiang from the early years of the Nanjing Decade, and one which was a clear critique of Chiang's authoritarian tendencies at the time. Lin's image, appearing on the cover of the hugely influential Shanghai Manhua (Shanghai Sketch) was centred around Chiang's barely concealed and oversized fist, but also included many of the items of clothing with which Chiang would be closely associated in many subsequent visual representations: the fedora and the cape. Shanghai Sketch often carried political caricatures of Chiang and other Nationalist leaders - a fact that led to the magazine's editors facing government reprisals.

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