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1503 - 1503
dam margaret of carew vltimo die nouembris item receiued of dame margaret carew in parte of payment of c li for the warde of sir tyrry robsart xl li henry wiot item receiued of henry wiot in gold clx li & master aumoner for for ij saltes & xviij spones xv li iiij s of the goodes of richard knyght that slew hymselue clxxv li iiij s sir rauffe bygot item receiued of sir rauffe bigot in parte of payment for lyuery of his moder hir landes x li john dawtrye primo die decembris item receiued of john dawtry opon a recoignisaunce due at cristenmes next cc li richard haylyn item receiued of richard haylyn in parte of payment of c li for a fforfaitour of x sakk sarpplers of wull lx li thomas louell item receiued of thomas louell for the ffynes of wulstelers in sussex x li
1506 - 1506
marces at michellmes next commyng. and xxti marces at candelmes after for the warde of thomas broke xl marces memorandum that here vndre er specified the dais of paymentes lymyted in the lorde sturtons indentur cuius datam est vltimo die novembris anno xxjo. ffurst at the fest of saint martyn last past anno c li. whiche is paied the same day. at the ffest of pentecost next commyng c li. and so yerely at either of the said ffestes c li. to þe somme be fully content & payed of mlml marces whereof vc marces parcell of the said mlml marces to be respited during the kinges pleasir vpon the good haberyng of the said lorde sturton. sir philip bowth. john catesby & william litton er bounden in viij obligacions of statute marchaunt to pay c marces at ester yerely during viij yeres for sir robert litton debtes dccc marces sir walter herberd & philip jankyn er bonden in an obligacion to pay at halotide next comyng x li edwarde lorde dudley is bounden in an obligacion in ml li þat he shall by midsomer next commyng put certein lande in ffeoffement for the payment of c li at halotide yerely during x yeres for redemyng of þe kinges interest of þe lordship of dewdor llanyrhudill. arrustley & kenelyocke ml li
Revenues of Lands
1505 - 1505
primo die aprilis anno xxmo. exitus terrarum diuersarum domini regis fitzwater landes de ricardo quadring ut de arreragiis dominij de multon in comitatu lincolnie nuper domini fitzwater xiij li de johanne hussey milite ut de exitibus eiusdem dominij l li de roberto suthwell ut de exitibus terrarum predictarum in comitatibus norffolkie. suffolkie. essexie. & alie dxlij li xix s sir james tirelles de eodem roberto ut de exitibus terrarum nuper jacobi tyrell in comitatu suffolkie ad ij vices cxlvj li v s iiij d ob dominium de morende. de johanne wykyn tam de arreragiis quam de exitibus dominij de morende ad diuersas vices xxxv li x s sir john cheyne landes late bouelles landes and other. de ricardo elyot tam de arreragiis quam de exitibus terrarum nuper johannis cheyne militis ccxxv li xij s j d ob qua exitus
1497 - 1497
4244 13 henry 7th. december 18th.item deliverd by the kings comandment in repaymentrepayment of diverse lones £3364 0s 0d item to piers barbor for wyne of the rynerhine & for gloves £0 6s 4d item to john flee for cariage of the kings robes to salysbury £0 5s 0d item to blynde cuynghamcunnyngham misreading for everyngham. left unextended as ord appears unclear what the letters are. tna, e101 414 16, fo.9r £0 13s 4d item to thenbassador of spayn in reward £66 15s 0d item to mastres lacy for rings £0 46s 8d item to a goldsmyth for clospysclasps. £4 0s 0d item to hugh denes for perkyns costs £0 40s 0d december 24th.item deliverd to thoas exmew for diverse juels of hym bought £56 14s 1d item to my lorde of landaff for belding at shene over & besides 40£ to hym deliverd in prest £101 4s 2d this entry is written on the left-hand facing pagedecember 24th item to john de justin
1502 - 1502
cciiijxxvj196 scribe 2 memorandum that sir william parker hath no leuerey of his wiffes landes wherfor an office must be founde therof. and also there be great sommes of money owyng him that the kyng must be answered of. memorandum that my lord of durisme layde oute ixc li which thundretresourer strake oute tailes for & receyued it which must be repayed and for cccxxx li xj s ob which he strake oute tailes for as money borowed where as noon such was as appereth by a scedull delyuered by my lord tresourer. as sir raignold bray knoweth memorandum that warley of the receipte must answere for a hole disme. the furst payment to begynneth at mydsomer next. memorandum the said werley must answer for another disme graunted by the archebusshop of yorke in the northe partyes the furst payment to begyn at martynmes & the ijde at whitsontyde
1516 - 1516
342 primo die februarij anno vijmo obligacions for lyueray of landes delyuered by sir thomas nevill solutum anne seynt leger sir thomas bolayn and sir george seyntlyger er bounden in ij obligacions to pay iiijc li at halotyde next commyng and iiijc li that day xijth moneth for parcell of the lyuerey of my lorde ormoundes landes dccc li solutum iiijc iiijo die nouembris anno viijo solutum iiijc li ijdo die nouembris anno ixo edwarde baynton and thomas vmpton er bounden in iij obligacions to pay xx li at thannunciacion of our lady next xx li at michellmes next after and xx li at cristenmes next after that for the lyuerey of bayntons landes lx li solutum xx li viijo die maij anno viijo solutum xx li vjo die nouembris anno viijo sir edwarde hungerforde and william page er bounden in viij
1509 - 1509
also deducted x marces for oone hole yeres fferme. for kenelworth landes due at michelmes last past. and so resteth clere tobe delyuerd to þe forsaid sir robert curson cliij li vj s viij d tewesday xxxmo die januarij.item to haywode for fynding of an hare iij s iiij d item to style seruaunt for bering of lettres in to spaigne to the said john stile lxvj s viij d item to oone that brought the kinges grace buckes viij d item to robert haselrigge vpon a prest for making of a garden at wanstede xl s wedenysday xxxjmo die januarij.item to ledes for iiij coffers. wherof iij of a yerde quarter long a pece. and the iiijth of a yerde di long delyuerd into the juelhouse ayenst þe commyng of themperoweres enbassatours at xxvj s viij d a pece v li vj s viij d summa pagine mlclxix li vj s ij d
1499 - 1499
obligacion xx li clerk 2william marbury robert marbury and john cheseldon er bounden in an obligacion to pay at candellmes next commyng l marces clerk 2the busshop of excestre is bounden by a bill of his hand to pay at haloxijthtid next commyngvc marces clerk 2john walshe is bounden by obligacion to pay the king yerely during the kinges lyf for berkleys landes of wyley yerly at martynmes xxxiiij li viij s xj d ob clerk 2william penyngton & adam penyngton owe written over 'er' bounde by obligacion to pay at candelmes next last xxvj li xiij s iiij d clerk 2priour of crichurche owe by conuent seale c marces clerk 2the priour of saint johns owe by obligacion owe by obligacion c. squeezed in before the following 'c'c.c. marces although the superscript puncti could be read as marks of deletion, the record of payments suggests that the amount stood
1505 - 1505
cclx615302 primo die octobris anno xxjmo regis henrici vijmi. robert fitzherbert late custumer of london hath disceyued the king in his custumes for the which he is indebted the somme of mlmlmlml li thomas eliott custumer of dertmowth must answer yerely for custom and lycence of tynne of cornewaill and deuonisshir william smyth of the warderobe must answer for tharrerages of my lady worcester landes to þe somme of iiijxx li the collectours of shropshir owe the kinges grace whiche was assigned to sir john shaa for the warkes of wyndesore cccc li ther must be made a yerely wodesale of the loppes & toppes within the chare of sutton sold by william smyth to the value of xxti marces memorandum that their remaigneth in money of theim that hath had the charge of the provision of vitaill for the warres of scotland in john mykelowe handes xviij li iij s vj d in william pawne handes mldc li in edwarde hatclif handes memorandum that all thise before named shall delyuer obligacions and other writtynges for the remaynder of the debtes with the daies of payment the shiref of yorkeshir must answer the kinges grace yerely for the shirefwyke their c li 302ij
1502 - 1502
& heyre of john drvry c marces by yere & vltra. the warde of tyrry robsard c marces by yere & vltra the lady carew offreth c marces the warde of mekylfeld xl li by yere. norffolk the son & heire of wode xl marces by yere. the son & heyre of fyncham c marces by yere. venditum the son & heyre of sayve xx li by yere. the son & heire of richard cote xl marces by yere the son & heire of thomas spilman xl li by yere. item landes escheated late newgate. cant the son & heire of rauff tilney lx li by yere memorandum for the warde & mariage of fynes in oxonford shir nowe in the kynges gyfte as sir b reignold bray ch can shewe valet per annum c li the warde & mariage of thorneton in northumberland as sir reignold bray can shewe. notaoriginal scribethe warde of russell the which vmfrey conyngesby offreth to pay vc marces that is to say c marces in hande c marces at halotide & so c marces at ascenciontide c marces at halotide & c marces at ascenciontide after ij