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Polish media broadcasts: developing advanced reading and listening comprehension skills in Polish

Written by Anna Socha


This innovative project was sponsored by CEELBAS and carried out by Ms Anna Socha, in collaboration with The Humanities Research Institute at the University of Sheffield, UK, under the supervision of Dr Dagmar Divjak.

The teaching materials presented in these pages are aimed at advanced learners of Polish who are looking to develop the comprehension skills necessary for research involving contemporary spoken Polish.

The resource consists of self-study materials that are made available via the web. It was designed as a tool to empower students to gain the appropriate skills needed to conduct independent academic research that relies on mass media broadcasts and spoken idiom. The aim of this resource is twofold: to deliver the lexicon crucial for a variety of different disciplines, including but not limited to history, political sciences, sociology; and to provide the opportunity to practise both reading and listening skills.

The materials are tailored to the needs of students at the B2/C1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and linguistically fulfill the requirements of these levels in terms of listening and reading comprehension.

Supported by the following organisations:
Funded by CEELBAS: Centre for east European Language Based Area Studies * *
Developed by the School of Languages and Cultures and the Humanities Research Institute at The University of Sheffield