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Repository:Borthwick Institute GB 193

Case:Defamation (religious & witchcraft)
Details:4 Pieces; Has deposition; Has libel; No sentence
Date: 6/5/1587 — 1/6/1587

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People & Places
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Participant:Agnes   Brand [Brande]
Location:Beverley, St Mary (YorkshireEastRiding)
Place(s):Beverley, St Mary  (Sancte Marie Beverlacen) : ecclesiastical parish

Participant:Isabel   Raffles [Raffles;  Raffells]
Details:female; widow
Location:Beverley, St Mary (YorkshireEastRiding)
Place(s):Beverley, St Mary (Sancte Marie Beverlacen) : ecclesiastical parish

Participant:Richard   Willmot [Willmote]
Details:male; 28
Location:Yorkshire, East Riding

Place(s): Beverley (Beverlacen) : town

Participant:Thomas   Brand [Brand]
Details:male; 48; husband of Agnes Brand
Location:Yorkshire, East Riding

Place(s): Beverley (Beverlacen) : town

Participant:Helen   Donnyson [Donnyson]
Details:female; 22; singlewoman
Location:Yorkshire, East Riding

Place(s): Beverley (Beverley) : town

Associated Places
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Location:York, The Castle (Yorkshire)
Place(s):York Castle (York Castle) : undefined
reference is to the castle as a prison
Location:Hemingbrough (YorkshireEastRiding)
Place(s):Hemingbrough (Hemingbroughe) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Rome (Rome) : city
Location:Howden (YorkshireEastRiding)
Place(s):Howden (Howden) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Beverley, St John (YorkshireEastRiding)
Place(s):Newbegin (Newbigginge) : undefined

Agnes accused Isabel of defaming her in the parish of St Mary in Beverley by calling her ‘witche and papiste.’ Isabel responded by claiming that Agnes had born children in fornication before she was married, and that she was known to favour the Romish religion and ceremonies and also to predict the lifespan of children. Isabel further claimed that Agnes had shown her some parchments that she said had devices painted on them in blood, and which Agnes said were papal pardons. Isabel said that she had called these documents witchcraft and papistry and had warned Agnes that she would be in danger if she believed in them. Isabel further alleged that Agnes had admitted to her that she had attended Mass where it was said in Hemingbrough. Isabel issued interrogatories to be put to Agnes’s witnesses. These witnesses testified to Agnes’s good character, and to having heard Isabel tell Agnes’s husband that she was a witch and a papist.

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