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Repository:Borthwick Institute GB 193

Case:Testamentary (Validity of will; disputed administration)
Details:9 Pieces; No deposition; Has libel; No sentence
Date: 1843 — 1844

People & Places
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Participant:Sarah   Crowther [Crowther]
Alternate name:Sarah   Crossley [Crossley]
Details:female; Wife of John Crowther, Surgeon
Location:Liverpool (Lancashire)
Place(s):Liverpool (Liverpool) : undefined

Participant:Sarah Crossley   Goldsworthy [Goldsworthy]
Alternate name:Sarah Crossley   Crowther [Crowther]
Details:female; Widow; Daughter of the testator
Location:Flixton (Lancashire)
Place(s):Flixton (Flixton) : undefined

Davyhulme (Davyhulme) : undefined
Former residence; near Manchester

Participant:Robert   Crowther [Crowther]
Details:male; Son of the testator

Participant:William   Hotham [Hotham]
Role:prosecution proctor
Employment:Notary Public

Participant:William   Hudson [Hudson]
Role:defence proctor
Employment:Notary Public
Location:York (York) : city

Participant:John   Pilling [Pilling]
Details:male; [Disputed] Executor of the testator
Employment:Agent of the Rochdale Canal Company
Location:Rochdale (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Rochdale (Rochdale) : undefined
Notes:Named as an executor, but renounced his position

Associated Places
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Location:Halifax (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Halifax (Halifax) : undefined
Elland (Elland) : chapelry
Sowerby (Sowerby) : undefined
Location:Liverpool (Lancashire)
Place(s):Liverpool (Liverpool) : undefined

Place(s): Scaitcliffe (Scaitcliffe) : undefined
Described as 'in Hundersfield.'
Location:Manchester (Lancashire)
Place(s):Salford (Salford) : undefined

Goldsworthy argued that the letters of administration of the estate of her mother Sarah Crowther ought to be revoked, and that administration ought to be granted to her as the reversionary universal legatee for life named in the will of the said Sarah Crowther. The defendant was Robert Crowther, who had been granted administration of Sarah Crowther’s estate as the executor of John Crowther, Sarah Crowther’s late husband, on the suggestion that Sarah Crowther had died intestate. Goldsworthy exhibited the will and argued that it was valid. The will related particularly to money over which Sarah Crowther had been granted power of disposition in her marriage settlement. An affidavit from Goldsworthy stated that the will had previously been erroneously proved at Chester.

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