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Repository:Borthwick Institute GB 193

Court:High Commission
Case:Immorality (fornication / acknowledgement of illegitimate child)
Details:1 Pieces; No deposition; Has libel; No sentence
Date: 1590 — 1590

People & Places
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Participant:Agnes   Lambard [Lambert]

Participant:William   Riding [Ryding;  Rydinge]
Location:Guiseley (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Horsforth (Horsford) : undefined
Guisley (Guysley) : ecclesiastical parish


Agnes alleged that she and William had made a lawful contract of marriage together and had spoken the promises of marriage to each other.  They had subsequently lived together and that she was pregnant with his child. Agnes claimed that since he knew she was pregnant William had refused to marry her and refused to acknowledge the child as his but had threatened to leave the country, despite previously openly speaking of their marriage contract and the fact that the had had sexual relations together.

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