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Repository:Borthwick Institute GB 193

Case:Appeals (matrimonial)
Details:2 Pieces; No deposition; No libel; No sentence
Date: 1766 — 1766

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People & Places
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Participant:Catherine  Ettrick [Ettrick]
Details:male; Wife of William Ettrick, defendant

Participant:William  Ettrick [Ettrick]
Details:male; Husband of Catherine Ettrick, plaintiff
Location:Bishop Wearmouth (Durham)
Place(s):Barnes (Barnes) : undefined

Associated Places
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Place(s): Quarry Close (Quarry Close) : fieldname
Court Close (Court Close) : fieldname
Hawthorn Close (Hawthorn Close) : fieldname
Slow Field (Slow Field) : fieldname
Butcher's Field (Butcher's Field) : fieldname
North Close (North Close) : fieldname
Park Close (Park Close) : fieldname
Old Farm (Old Farm) : undefined
North Farm (North Farm) : undefined
Long Acre (Long Acre) : fieldname
Well Close (Well Close) : fieldname
Hunters House and Garden (Hunters House and Garden) : habitation
Homestead Plantations (Homestead Plantations) : undefined
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