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Repository:Borthwick Institute GB 193

Case:Benefice cases (annual pension)
Details:9 Pieces; Has deposition; Has libel; Has sentence
Outcome:plaintiff won
Date: 30/4/1674 — 9/12/1675

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People & Places
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Participant:Dean and Chapter of York 
Location:York (Ebor) : city

Participant:John   Walker [Walker]
Location:Radcliffe On Trent (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Radcliffe on Trent (Radcliffe super Trent) : ecclesiastical parish
Nottingham (Nottingham) : town

Notes:farmer of tithes in Radcliffe on Trent

Participant:Robert   Squire [Squire]
Role:prosecution proctor
Employment:Notary Public

Participant:Francis   Parker [Parker]
Role:defence proctor
Employment:Notary Public

Participant:Robert   Squire [Squire]
Details:male; 24
Employment:Notary public
Location:York (Ebor) : city

Participant:Philip   Parker [Parker]
Details:male; 26
Employment:Notary Public
Location:York (Ebor) : city

Associated Places
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Location:Thurgarton (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Priory of Thurgarton (Thurgarton) : religious house
Location:Cawood (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Cawood (Cawod) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Scarborough (YorkshireNorthRiding)
Place(s):Scarborough (Scardeburgh) : undefined
Location:Kirkby Ravensworth (YorkshireNorthRiding)
Place(s):Kirkby Ravensworth (Kirkby Ravenswath) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Great Driffield (YorkshireEastRiding)
Place(s):Great Driffield (Driffeild) : undefined
Location:Osmotherley (YorkshireNorthRiding)
Place(s):Ellerbeck  (Ellerbeke) : township
Location:St Bartholomew (London)
Place(s):Priory of St Bartholomew (St Bartholomew besides London) : religious house
Location:Pontefract (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Priory of Pontefract (Pontefract, Pomfrett) : religious house
Location:Ripon (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Abbey of Rievaulx (Risvall) : religious house
Location:Pickering (YorkshireNorthRiding)
Place(s):Ebberston (Ebertson) : undefined
Location:Wath (YorkshireNorthRiding)
Place(s):Brampton Bierlow  (Brampton) : township
Location:Old Malton (YorkshireNorthRiding)
Place(s):Priory of Malton (Old Malton) : religious house
Location:Atwick (YorkshireEastRiding)
Place(s):Atwick (Athwicke) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Adwick Le Street (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Priory of Hampole (Hampall) : religious house
Location:Bramham (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Bramham (Bramham) : prebend
Location:Wragby (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Priory of Nostell (Sainte Oswalds) : religious house
Location:Easby (YorkshireNorthRiding)
Place(s):Abbey of Easby (St Agathe) : religious house
Location:Yorkshire, North Riding

Place(s): Richmond (Richmond) : archdeaconry
Location:Ripon (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Abbey of Fountains (Fountaine) : religious house
Location:Ripon (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Sleningford (Sleningforth) : undefined

Place(s): Priory of Felley (Felley) : religious house
Location:Adenburgh (Adenburgh) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Healaugh (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Priory of Healaugh Park  (Helagh Parke) : religious house
Location:Hornsea (YorkshireEastRiding)
Place(s):Hornsea (Hornesey) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Rudston (YorkshireEastRiding)
Place(s):Rudston (Rudston) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:York : city
Place(s):YorkAbbey of St Mary, York (St Mary in Yorke) : religious house
Location:Cottingham (YorkshireEastRiding)
Place(s):Priory of Haltemprice (Haltamprice) : religious house
Location:North Ferriby (YorkshireEastRiding)
Place(s):Priory of North Ferriby (Ferraby) : religious house
Location:Kingston Upon Hull, Holy Trinity (YorkshireEastRiding)
Place(s):Kingston Upon Hull (Kingston upon Hull) : town
Location:Bracewell (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Bracewell (Brasewell) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Kirkstall (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Abbey of Kirkstall (Kirstall) : religious house
Location:Middleton (YorkshireNorthRiding)
Place(s):Middleton (Middleton) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Yorkshire, West Riding

Place(s): Priory of Arthington (Arthington) : religious house
Location:Monk Bretton (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Priory of Monk Bretton (Monckburton) : religious house
Location:Wath (YorkshireNorthRiding)
Place(s):Wath (Wathe) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Silkstone (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Silkstone (Silkeston) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Brafferton (YorkshireNorthRiding)
Place(s):Brafferton (Brafferton) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Yorkshire, North Riding

Place(s): Priory of Newburgh (Newburghe) : religious house
Location:Nafferton (YorkshireEastRiding)
Place(s):Nafferton (Nafferton) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Keyingham (YorkshireEastRiding)
Place(s):Keyingham (Kaingham) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Easington (YorkshireEastRiding)
Place(s):Easington (Essington) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Skipsea (YorkshireEastRiding)
Place(s):Skipsea (Skipsey) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Yorkshire, East Riding

Place(s): Abbey of Meaux (Meux) : religious house
Location:Kingston Upon Hull, Holy Trinity (YorkshireEastRiding)
Place(s):Charterhouse (Charterhouse besides Hull) : religious house
Location:Harewood (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Harewood (Harwood) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Skipton (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Bolton priory (Bolton in Craven) : religious house
Location:Brompton (YorkshireNorthRiding)
Place(s):Brompton (Brumpton) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Kettlewell (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Kettlewell (Kettlewell) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Coverham (YorkshireNorthRiding)
Place(s):Abbey of Coverham (Coverham) : religious house
Location:Yorkshire, West Riding

Place(s): Ouseburn (Usburne) : ecclesiastical parish
Unclear if Great or Little Ouseburn is meant.
Location:Rokeby (YorkshireNorthRiding)
Place(s):Abbey of Egglestone (Egilston) : religious house
Location:Pannal (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Pannal (Pannall) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Hampsthwaite (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Hampsthwaite (Hamsthwaite) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Thorner (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Thorner (Thorner, Thorne) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Fewston (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Fewston (Fuiston) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Rothwell (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Stourton (Stotton) : undefined
Location:Knaresborough (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Friary of Knaresborough (Sainte Robert besides Knaresborough) : religious house
Location:Mitton (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Mitton (Mitton) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Cockerand Abbey (Lancashire)
Place(s):Abbey of Cockerand (Cokersand) : religious house

Location:Cotham (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Cotham (Cothome) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Flintham (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Flintham (Flyntham) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Elksley (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Elksley (Elkesey) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Welbeck (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Abbey of Welbeck (Welbecke) : religious house
Location:Rotherham (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Rotherham (Rotheram) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Rufford (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Abbey of Rufford (Rufford) : religious house
Location:Misson (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Misson (Myssyn) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:West Mersea (Essex)
Place(s):Priory of West Mersea (Mersey) : religious house
Location:Tuxford (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Tuxford (Tuxford) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Newstead Priory (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Priory of Newstead (Newstead) : religious house
Location:Carrolton (Carrolton) : ecclesiastical parish
Cannot identify
Location:Willoughby (Warwickshire)
Place(s):Willoughby (Willoughby) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Worksop (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Priory of Worksop (Workesoppe) : religious house
Location:Wallingwells (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Priory of Wallingwells (Wallingwells) : religious house
Location:Greasley (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Greasley (Grisley) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Kimberley (Norfolk)
Place(s):Kimberley (Kimberley) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Selston (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Selston (Selston) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Greasley (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Priory of Beauvale  (Bevall) : religious house
Location:Hexham (Northumberland)
Place(s):Priory of Hexham (Hexam) : religious house
Location:North Collingham (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):North Collingham (North Collingham) : ecclesiastical parish

Place(s): Peterborough (Peterburghe) : undefined
Spelling modernised.

Place(s): Hovings (Hovings) : religious house

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