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Repository:Borthwick Institute GB 193

Case:Tithe (barley, beans & peas hay, sheep, lambs, wool, oblations, oats)
Details:11 Pieces; No deposition; No libel; No sentence
Date: 4/12/1662 — 24/3/1664

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People & Places
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Participant:Thomas   Wilson [Wilson]
Details:male; gentleman
Notes:proprietor or farmer of the rectory of the parish church of Horton in Ribblesdale

Participant:Anthony   Hazelden [Hesleden;  Hessleden]
Location:Horton In Ribblesdale (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Horton in Ribblesdale (Horton in Riblesdale) : ecclesiastical parish

Participant:Jeremiah   Waddington [Waddington]
Role:prosecution proctor
Details:male; gentleman

Participant:Thomas   Anderson [Anderson]
Details:male; 60; yeoman
Location:Kirkby Lonsdale (Westmorland)
Place(s):Nether Biggin (Nether Biggin) : undefined

Participant:John   Hurlin [Harling]
Details:male; 66; yeoman
Location:Kirkby Lonsdale (Westmorland)
Place(s):Kirkby Lonsdale (Kirkby Lonnsdale) : ecclesiastical parish

Participant:Edmund   Prockter [Proctor]
Details:male; 52; yeoman
Location:Horton In Ribblesdale (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Selside  (Solside) : undefined

Participant:Thomas   Foxcroft [Foxcroft]
Details:male; 24; husbandman
Location:Horton In Ribblesdale (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Beecroft Hall  (Beecroft Hall) : undefined

Associated Places
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Location:Yorkshire, West Riding

Place(s): Ribblesdale (Riblesdale) : undefined
diocese of York
Location:Heversham (Westmorland)
Place(s):Levens (Nether-Leavens, Nether-Levens) : undefined
Location:Horton (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Horton (Horton in Craven) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Melling (Lancashire)
Place(s):Wennington (Wenington) : undefined
Location:Kildwick (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Cononley (Conondley) : undefined
Location:Heversham (Westmorland)
Place(s):Heversham (Hevesham) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Kirkby Lonsdale (Westmorland)
Place(s):Underlay (Underlay) : hamlet
Location:Grasmere (Westmorland)
Place(s):Underhelm (Underhelme) : hamlet
Location:Horton In Ribblesdale (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Beecroft Hall (Beecroft, Bycroft) : undefined
Location:Long Preston (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Arnford (Arneforth) : undefined
Location:Gisburn (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Gisburn (Gisburne) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Arncliffe (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Halton Gill (Halton-Gill) : undefined
Location:Horton (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Haw Barr (Haw Barr) : undefined
Location:Ripon (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Ripon (Rippon) : undefined
Location:Bentham (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Ingleton (Ingleton) : undefined
Location:Heversham (Westmorland)
Place(s):Heversham Haule (Heversham Haule) : undefined
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