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Repository:Borthwick Institute GB 193

Case:Tithe (sheep, wool)
Details:4 Pieces; Has deposition; No libel; No sentence
Date: 19/10/1570 — 19/10/1570

People & Places
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Participant:Henry   Vavasour [Vavasor;  Vavasour]
Details:male; armiger

Participant:Thomas   Postgate [Posgaite;  Posgate]

Participant:Henry   Fairfax [Farefax;  Fayrefax]
Details:male; gentleman
Notes:an interested party in the case

Participant:William   Staincliffe [Staynclyff]
Details:male; 78; husbandman
Location:Normanby (YorkshireNorthRiding)
Place(s):Normanby (Normanbye) : township
Whitby (YorkshireNorthRiding)
Fylingdales (Fylinge) : chapelry

Participant:William   Cockwell [Cockewell]
Details:male; 60; husbandman
Location:Whitby (YorkshireNorthRiding)
Place(s):Stoupe Brow  (Stowbroughe) : undefined
Whitby (Whytby) : ecclesiastical parish

Participant:Lawrence   Gordon [Gurdon]
Details:male; 780; husbandman
Location:Spring Hill (Sprynghill) : undefined
Cannot identify - spelling modernised
Place(s):Whitby (YorkshireNorthRiding)
Whitby (Whytbie) : ecclesiastical parish

Participant:Robert   Huntrolles [Huntrolles;  Huntroddes]
Details:male; 62; husbandman
Location:Whitby (YorkshireNorthRiding)
Place(s):Fyling Grange (Fyling Grainge) : undefined
Whitby (YorkshireNorthRiding)
Whitby (Whitbie) : ecclesiastical parish
Notes:Cannot identify the surname 'Huntrolles'.

Participant:Peter   Dale [Dayle]
Details:male; 70; husbandman
Location:Whitby (YorkshireNorthRiding)
Place(s):Fyling Rawe (Fyling Rawe) : fieldname
Whitby (YorkshireNorthRiding)
Whitby (Whitbie) : ecclesiastical parish

Associated Places
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Location:Whitby (YorkshireNorthRiding)
Place(s):Whitby (Whytbie) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Filey (YorkshireEastRiding)
Place(s):Filey (Filinge, Fylinge, Fyling) : manor
Location:Blake Holm Moor (Blakeholme Moore, Blaikey Moore, Blackhome Moore, Blackholme Moore, Blaikey More, Blackeholme Moore, Blakey Moore, Blaky More) : fieldname
Cannot identify - spelling modernised
Location:Whitby (YorkshireNorthRiding)
Place(s):Abbey of Whitby (Whitbie, Whitbye, Whytbie) : religious house
Location:Whitby (YorkshireNorthRiding)
Place(s):Sneaton (Steaton) : hamlet
Location:Parkewiese Close (Parkewiese Close, Parkwyse Close, Parkewyse Close) : fieldname
Cannot identify - spelling modernised.
Location:Col Croft (Colcrofte, Calcrofte) : fieldname
Cannot identify - spelling modernised.

Henry Vavasor accused Thomas of not paying his tithes. Thomas produced articles to counter the original libel (which is not in these documents) in which he detailed the descent of the manor of Fyling after the dissolution of Whitby Abbey, and his lease of fields in the manor. Thomas further claimed that an act of Parliament after the dissolution meant that he was not liable to pay tithes. Henry Fairefax, an interested party in the case, produced witnesses who testified that the manor of Fyling had formerly belonged to Whitby Abbey and that Thomas leased the fields from which the tithes were due. They also stated that tithes had always been due from the manor. Henry Vavasor issued interrogatory questions to be put to these witnesses about who the manor of Fyling belonged to, whether Whitby Abbey had paid tithes, and where Thomas’s sheep were pastured.

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