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Repository:Borthwick Institute GB 193

Court:Curia Ebor
Case:Appeals (tithes, tithes of wool, lambs, mortuaries, salmon and other fish)
Details:4 Pieces; Has deposition; No libel; No sentence
Date: 15/05/1367 — 17/05/1367

People & Places
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Participant:prior and convent of Durham 
Location:Durham : city
Place(s):Durham Cathedral (conventus ecclesia cath' Dunelm') : religious house
Also called Priory of St Cuthbert, Durham

Participant:John   Lowick [Lowyk]
Details:male; clerk
Employment:vicar of Norham
Location:Norham (Northumberland)
Place(s):Norham (Norham) : ecclesiastical parish

Participant:John   Stile [del Styles;  del Sailes]
Details:male; 44

Place(s): Durham (Dunelm') : undefined

Participant:Walter  Leavey [Levay;  Leway]
Details:male; 56
Location:Norham (Northumberland)
Place(s):Shoreswood (Shoreswode) : township
Norham (Northumberland)
Norham (Norham) : ecclesiastical parish

Participant:Adam   Shoreswood [de Shorwod;  de Shoresworth]
Details:male; 40
Location:Norham (Northumberland)
Place(s):Norham (Norham) : ecclesiastical parish

Participant:Hugh   Hatherman [Hatherman]
Details:male; 50
Location:Norham (Northumberland)
Place(s):Norham (Norham) : ecclesiastical parish

Participant:Roger   Gateherd [Gaythyrd;  Gattehird]
Details:male; 50
Location:Wardley (Rutland)
Place(s):Wardley (Wardely prope Novum Castrum) : ecclesiastical parish

Participant:John   Scott [Scott]
Details:male; 40
Location:Durham (Dunolm') : diocese

Associated Places
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Location:St Oswald (Durham)
Place(s):St Oswald (sanctus Oswaldus) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Middleham (YorkshireNorthRiding)
Place(s):Middleham (Middelham) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Merrington (Durham)
Place(s):Merrington (Merynton) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Aycliffe (Durham)
Place(s):Aycliffe (Ackeley) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Monk Hesleden (Durham)
Place(s):Monk Hesleden (Hesilden) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Piddington (Oxfordshire)
Place(s):Piddington (Pydyngton) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Dalton (YorkshireNorthRiding)
Place(s):Dalton (Dalton) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Monkwearmouth (Durham)
Place(s):Monkwearmouth (Wermouth monachorum) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Jarrow (Durham)
Place(s):Jarrow (Jarowe) : ecclesiastical parish

Place(s): Bywell (Bywell) : ecclesiastical parish
Cannot identify precisely.
Location:Edlingham (Northumberland)
Place(s):Edlingham (Edlyngham) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Holy Island (Northumberland)
Place(s):Holy Island (Insula sacra) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Norham (Northumberland)
Place(s):Norham (Norham) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Holy Island (Northumberland)
Place(s):Holy Island (Halieland, Halyeland) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Tweedmouth (Northumberland)
Place(s):Tweedmouth (Twedmouth, Twedemouth) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Pedwell (Pedwell, Pedewell) : undefined
fishery. Cannot be identified.
Location:Twsill (Twsill, Twysill) : township
Cannot identify
Location:Wardley (Rutland)
Place(s):Wardley (Wardely) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Dernford (Dernford) : undefined
fishery - Cannot identify
Location:Waltham (Waltham) : undefined
fishery - Cannot identify
Location:Le Sandes (Le Sandes) : undefined
Cannot identify
Location:Twyselwater (Twyselwater) : undefined
Cannot identify
Location:Sandstels (Sandstels) : undefined
Cannot identify
Location:Blakwell (Blakwell) : undefined
Cannot identify
Location:Derny Pool (Derny poel) : undefined
Cannot identify - spelling has been modernised.
Location:Gornhale (Gornhale) : township
Cannot identify
Location:Burnsall (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Hetton (Heton) : township
Location:Gainford (Durham)
Place(s):Tilmouth (Tilmouth) : township
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