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Repository:Borthwick Institute GB 193

Court:Curia Ebor
Case:Appeals (benefice case, possession of benefice)
Details:5 Pieces; No deposition; No libel; No sentence
Date: 11/11/1340 — 10/04/1342

People & Places
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Participant:John   Skelton [de Skelton]
Details:male; clerk
Employment:rector of Kirkland
Location:Kirkland (Cumberland)
Place(s):Kirkland (Kyrkeland, Karln') : ecclesiastical parish
Diocese of Carlisle
Notes:The plaintiff was excommunicated because of his adultery with Cecily, wife of Randulf Forster. He appeals for possession of the church of Kirkland.

Details:male; clerk; bishop
Employment:bishop of Carlisle
Location:Carlisle (Karln') : diocese

Associated Places
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Location:York : city
Place(s):YorkAbbey of St Mary, York (monasterium beate marie, Ebor') : religious house
Location:York : city
Place(s):YorkYork Minster (maior ecclesia, Ebor') : undefined

John de Skelton, rector of Kirkland, complains that while on his way to Avignon on certain arduous business concerning his estate and his church (this must relate to his excommunication for the accusations of adultery against him with Cecilia, wife of Ralph Forster of Salkeld), the prior of Durham and the archdeacon of Northumberland, acting for the archbishop, cited him to appear peremptorily before them, despite knowing of his journey, to answer the prosecution of John, bishop of Carlisle, which they knew he would be unable to fulfil, and proceeded to pass sentence against him. This resulted, firstly, in him being deprived of his church, at least initially, and then in an order from the diocese to the prior and archdeacon to desist from proceeding, and to John bishop of Carlisle to desist from his actions against Skelton. Order to the prior and archdeacon to cite John bishop of Carlisle, or his proctor, to appear as soon as possible before the archbishop’s commissary to have his business processed and answered.  [They certify to this]. Eventually, proctors for both sides appeared in court and a series of adjournments follows, but no sentence is recorded.

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