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Repository:Borthwick Institute GB 193

Court:Curia Ebor
Case:Tithe (tithes of coppice-wood)
Details:6 Pieces; Has deposition; Has libel; Has sentence
Outcome:plaintiff wins
Date: 17/02/1396 — 11/04/1397

People & Places
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Participant:Thomas  Porter [Porter]
Details:male; clerk
Employment:rector of Ryther

Participant:John   Webster [Webster]
Location:Stillingfleet (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Acaster Selby (Acastr Selby, Acastreselby) : undefined

Participant:John   Stanton [de Stanton]
Role:prosecution proctor
Details:male; clerk

Participant:William  Milner [Milner]
Details:male; 50
Location:Ryther (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Ryther (Rither) : ecclesiastical parish
Notes:There are four depositions extant but the left hand margin has destroyed the names for all but one witness.

Associated Places
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Location:Ryther (YorkshireWestRiding)
Place(s):Ryther (Ryther, Rither) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Chatirhagg (Chatirhag, Chaterhagg, Chatyrhag) : woodland
Cannot identify.
Location:Yorkshire, West Riding

Place(s): Ainsty (Aynsty) : wapentake
Location:River Wharf (querf) : waterways
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