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Repository:Borthwick Institute GB 193

Court:Curia Ebor
Case:Testamentary (disputed legacy)
Details:5 Pieces; No deposition; Has libel; No sentence
Date: 09/01/1382 — 1382

People & Places
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Participant:John   Linby [de Lyndby]
Details:male; clerk

Employment:rector of Bilbrorough
Location:Bilborough (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Bilborough (ecclesia de Bilburgh) : ecclesiastical parish
Notes:Exectuor of testament belonging to Michael Linby, vicar of Lenton when living.

Participant:Michael   Linby [de Lyndeby]
Details:male; deceased
Employment:vicar of church of Lenton
Location:Lenton (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Lenton (ecclesia de Lenton) : ecclesiastical parish

Associated Places
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Location:Lenton (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Lenton (ecclesia paroch' de Lenton iuxta novam crucem) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Shelford (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Priory of Shelford (abbatia de Schelford) : religious house
Location:Send (Surrey)
Place(s):Abbey of Newark (abbatia de Novo Loco) : religious house
Location:Felley (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Priory of Felley (abbatia de Felley) : religious house
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