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Repository:Borthwick Institute GB 193

Court:Curia Ebor
Case:Appeals (violation of church rights, visitation rights)
Details:9 Pieces; No deposition; Has libel; Has sentence
Outcome:defendant wins
Date: 07/02/1370 — 31/07/1372

People & Places
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Participant:Richard   Flixborough [de Flixburgh;  de Flixburg]
Details:male; clerk
Employment:vicar of Rampton
Location:Rampton (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Rampton (Rampton) : ecclesiastical parish

Participant:Richard   Derby [de Derby]
Details:male; clerk
Employment:archdeacon of Nottingham

Place(s): Nottingham (Notyngham, Notynghame) : undefined

Participant:John   Rawcliff [de Roucyff]
Role:prosecution proctor
Details:male; clerk

Participant:John   Stanton [de Stanton]
Role:defence proctor
Details:male; clerk

Details:male; clerk
Employment:vicar of the church of Walesby

Participant:John   Laune [Laune]
Details:male; clerk
Employment:perpetual vicar of the church of Harworth
Location:Harworth (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Harworth (Harworth) : ecclesiastical parish
Notes:Cannot identify the surname 'Laune'.

Participant:John   Hemingbrough [de Hemyngburgh]
Details:male; clerk
Employment:rector of the church of Linby
Location:Linby (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Linby (Lynby) : ecclesiastical parish

Participant:John   Bandwyne [Bandwyne]
Details:male; clerk
Location:Kyrnsale (Kyrnsale) : undefined
Cannot identify
Notes:Cannot identify the surname 'Bandwyne'

Participant:Thomas   Huntingfield [Huntyngfeld]
Details:male; 24

Participant:John   Taverner [Taverner]
Details:male; 30
Location:East Markham (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):East Markham (Estmarkham) : ecclesiastical parish

Participant:William   Gedling [de Gedelyng]
Details:male; 50
Location:East Retford (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):East Retford (Reteford) : undefined
May alternatively be West Retford

Participant:William   White [White]
Employment:recently vicar of Edwinstowe
Location:Edwinstowe (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Edwinstowe (Edenestow) : ecclesiastical parish

Participant:William   Porter [Porter]
Details:male; 40; clerk
Employment:rector of the church of Boughton
Location:Boughton (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Boughton (Bughton') : ecclesiastical parish

Participant:Henry   Mye [Mye]
Details:male; 47; clerk
Employment:rector of the church of Cortelyngstok
Notes:Cannot provide a standard version of 'Mye'.

Associated Places
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Location:York (Ebor') : diocese
Location:York (Ebor') : city
Location:York : city
Place(s):YorkYork Minster (ecclesia cathedral' Ebor') : undefined
Location:West Retford (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):West Retford (Westretford, Westreteford, Westretteford, Westretforth) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Nottingham (Notyngham, Notyng') : archdeaconry
Location:Enbridunen (Enbridunen') : ecclesiastical parish
Cannot identify.
Location:West Bradenham (Norfolk)
Place(s):West Bradenham (Westhradenham Norwic') : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Southwell (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Southwell Minster (capitulum ecclesia Suthwell) : undefined
Location:Southwell (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Southwell (Southwell) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Rampton (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Rampton (Rampton) : township
Rampton (Rampton) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Blyth (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Blyth (Blida) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Nottingham, St Mary (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Nottingham, St Mary (beata maria Notyngh') : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Nottingham, St Peter (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Nottingham, St Peter (sanctus petrus Notyng', sanctus Petrus Notyngham) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Trowell (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Trowell (Trowell) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Mansfield (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Mansfield (Mannesfeld) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Worksop (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Worksop (Wyrsop', Warsop) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Headon (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Headon (Hedon) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:South Leverton (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):South Leverton (Southleverton) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Edwinstowe (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Edwinstowe (Edynstow) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Mattersey (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Mattersey (Madersay, Mathersay) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Misterton (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Misterton (Misterton) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Stretton (Stretton) : undefined
Cannot identify.
Location:East Markham (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):East Markham (Marcham) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Tuxford (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Tuxford (Tucesford, Tukesford) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Babworth (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Babworth (Babworth, Babword) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Kirton (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Kirton (Kyrkton) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Walesby (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Walesby (Waleby) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Gamston (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Gamston (Gamilston, Gamylston) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:East Retford (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):East and West Retford (Rettford) : township
May alternatively be in the parish of West Retford.
Location:Elksley (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Elksley (Elkeslay) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Grove (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Grove (Grove) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Treswell (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Treswell (Tyreswell) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Walkeringham (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Walkeringham (Walkryngham, Walkyngham) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Clauword (Clauword) : ecclesiastical parish
Cannot identify.
Location:Finningley (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Finningley (Fynynglay) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Gringley On The Hill (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Gringley (Grynlay) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Wehtleyde (Wehtleyde) : ecclesiastical parish
Cannot identify.
Location:Scampton (Lincolnshire)
Place(s):Scampton (Scampton) : ecclesiastical parish

Place(s): The Clay (le Clay) : division
'in patria illa que dicitur le Clay'.
Location:Ruddington (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Ruddington (Rutyngton) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Willoughby On The Wolds (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Willoughby on the Wolds (Wylogby) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Bunny (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Bunny (Bonay) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Cortelyngstok (Cortelyngstok) : ecclesiastical parish
Cannot identify
Location:Bonnington (Kent)
Place(s):Bonnington (Bonyngton) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:Bingham (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):Bingham (Byngham) : ecclesiastical parish
Location:West Bridgford (Nottinghamshire)
Place(s):West Bridgford (Brigeforth) : ecclesiastical parish
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