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Repository:Borthwick Institute GB 193

Case:Tithe (Potatoes)
Details:8 Pieces; No deposition; Has libel; No sentence
Outcome:Plaintiff Wins
Date: 1835 — 1836

People & Places
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Participant:William   Craven [Craven]
Details:male; Clerk (Reverend)
Employment:Vicar of Aldborough
Location:Aldbrough (YorkshireEastRiding)
Place(s):Aldborough (Aldborough) : ecclesiastical parish

Participant:John   Hall [Hall]
Location:Aldbrough (YorkshireEastRiding)
Place(s):Aldborough (Aldborough) : ecclesiastical parish

Participant:George   Lawton [Lawton]
Role:prosecution proctor
Employment:Notary Public
Location:York (York) : city

Associated Places
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Location:Aldbrough (YorkshireEastRiding)
Place(s):Thorpe Garth (Thorp Garth) : fieldname
Aldborough (Aldborough) : ecclesiastical parish
Temperton's Charity Farm (Temperton's Charity Farm) : undefined
Meadley Garths (Meadley Garths) : fieldname
Wray Close (Wray Close) : fieldname
Level Croft (Level Croft) : fieldname
Suddals (Suddals) : fieldname
New Close (New Close) : fieldname
Ringbrough (Ringbrough) : undefined
South Field (South Field) : fieldname
High Closes (High Closes) : fieldname
Broom Close (Broom Close) : fieldname
North Field (North Field) : fieldname
Salf and Elsam upon the Sea (Salf and Elsam upon the SeaSalt ElsamsSalf Elsams) : fieldname
Salf and Elsam upon the Sea (Salf and Elsam upon the SeaSalt ElsamsSalf Elsams)
West Carr (West Carr) : fieldname
Carlton Closes (Carlton Closes) : fieldname
East Newton (East Newton) : undefined
Carlton (Carlton) : manor
A lordship
Carlton Road (Carlton Road) : street name
Summer Croft (Sommecroft) : fieldname
Dun's Quart (Dun's Quart) : fieldname
Location:Humbleton (YorkshireEastRiding)
Place(s):Flinton (Flinton) : township
Location:Mappleton (YorkshireEastRiding)
Place(s):Great Cowden (Great Cawdon) : undefined
Described as 'in aldborough' in the document.
Cowden Parva (Little Cawdon) : undefined
Described as 'in aldborough' in the document.

Craven alleged that Hall owed him tithes arising from potatoes cultivated within the parish of Aldbrough. To prove his entitlement, Craven exhibited both the terrier of the vicarage of Aldbrough and a 1764 Act of Parliament relating to enclosure of the parish. Hall denied Craven’s claims. He alleged that the said Act of Parliament decreed that a portion of land was to be set aside for the vicar as compensation for tithes due in respect of certain open fields, discharging the remainder of the open fields from obligation to the vicar. He claimed that his land was part of the latter set of fields. The case was sent on appeal after the judge found for Craven, but this appeal was withdrawn.

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