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Photo of Brechin Castle, Brechin, Angus, Scotland

Brechin Castle, Brechin, Angus, Scotland
The James Madison Carpenter Collection, Archive of Folk Culture, American Folklife Center, Library of Congress,
AFC 1972/001 Photo 203

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Bibliography of Publications Relating to the James Madison Carpenter Collection

Bibliography of Works Cited within the Collection

Bibliography of Publications Relating to the James Madison Carpenter Collection

Primary publications by J. M. Carpenter

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Secondary publications relating to J. M. Carpenter and the Carpenter Collection

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Bibliography of Works Cited within the Collection

A listing of manuscript and printed sources used by Carpenter, according to his own citations. Carpenter’s bibliographic citations are frequently imprecise, incomplete, inaccurate, and/or misleading. In addition, it is not always possible to discern which editions of various works he used. Certain works noted by Carpenter have not, to date, been identified and these are listed as cited by Carpenter; a few items cannot at present be identified.


* item currently unidentified and listed as cited by Carpenter

** edition used by Carpenter unknown


Alsom[?] MS

Anonymous MS [at p. 07682]

Phyllis Berryman MS

Cruickshank MS [Manuscript written down by an aunt of Miss J. Cruickshank from the dictation of an old woman; the aunt had died some forty years previously (pp. 05561-05565, 07463-07465)]

Duncan MSS

Enys MS [Unascribed ‘old handwritten MS at Enys, near Penryn’ (pp. 01033-01034)]

G. F. Duncan MS (1886)

‘Old handwritten copies’ [texts from William Mathieson (pp. 05697-05698, 07583-07585)]

Jackson Rutherford MS

Jim Thomas MS

W. D. Watson MS


Broadside collections

Bagford Ballads

Douce Ballads

Broadside printers

Bebbington, Manchester

Chapman, Bristol

Ferguson, Paternoster Row

Forth, Pocklington

Harkness, Preston

Keys, Devonport

Pratt, Birmingham

Ryle, Seven Dials

Sanderson, Edinburgh

Sefton, Worcester

Such, London


Aberdeen Press and Journal

The Antiquary

Banffshire Journal

Berrow’s Worcester Journal

Birmingham Daily Mail

Boston Eve[ning Transcript?]

Boston Globe (Boston Sunday Globe)

Boston Post

Buchan Observer

Daily Telegraph

Evesham Journal and Four Shires Advertiser

Halifax Courier and Guardian

Harper’s Magazine

Harvard Crimson

Huntly Express

Journal of American Folklore

Journal of the English Folk Dance Society

Journal of the Folk-Song Society

Journal of the Royal Institution of Cornwall

Nautical Magazine

Notes and Queries

Old Cornwall Magazine

Oxford Mail

Oxford Times

People’s Journal

The Shamrock

Stratford on Avon Herald

Sunday Dispatch

West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser

Western Morning News

Yorkshire Post

Books, articles, and other items

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